A (late) snapshot #12

001. I won tickets to the Glossybox Caudalie VIP event which was a lovely surprise! My friend and I did get a bit lost but we got there in the end and as a result spent a small fortune. I am so easily swayed and as soon as the skincare expert told me I had dehydration due to working in london I ending on splashing the cash. This is the exact reason why I never get made up at make up counters - i'd buy everything!

002. I was very lucky to win an Ever Ours twitter competition last week in the form of a cute bicycle necklace. I'm ever so happy with it and am already mooching around on the website to see what else I can own!

003. Nomnomnom! Pie, mash and liquor = perfect comfort food. It was well worth using 24 weightwatcher points on this! Try vinegar on it, the liquor taste so much nicer. Our local one is David Beckham's favourite, they actually ship it over to LA for him and he's always in there when he's back home.

004. A little gem I managed to pick up in a charity shop. I have such a thing for cameos and they're the first thing I look out for in charity shops. This one isn't of any worth but it's still a nice addition. Complete bargain too at only £1.99.

005. Summer weather called for summer nails! I am extremely impressed with this nail varnish, it lasted a whole week before it started to chip and it's only one nail that's chipped. That's almost unheard of for me, i'm the type that chips their nail varnish within an hour!


  1. I really love the colour of that nail polish! xo

  2. Ooh you're on a winning streak, aren't you! Well done, ha ha. I love the necklace. Gotta agree on the Barry M too, easily my favourite brand for nail varnish! x

  3. Love the Barry M colour. I secretly love some pie and mash now and again xx

  4. That necklace is by far the cutest! xxx

  5. what's the name of this pie and mash shop?! x

  6. I won tickets too but couldn't make it at the last minute. Such a shame as I could have come and said hello! I'm the same with sales assistants. But now I'm much better at asking for samples before I buy. Congrats on your winning streak!

  7. I love that cameo brooch! Your nails are pretty, too :) XO

  8. Love photoblogs like this one! x

  9. The pie and mash looks delicious, I've never tried liquor but I'm intrigued by it! I love Barry M polishes, they're great for lasting a few days before chipping.

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  10. £1.99!? I love cameo things too :) Bargain xx

  11. I love the bike necklace!
    Funny - I have Peach Melba right next to me at this moment, waiting to go on my nails!

  12. Yoour nail varnish is tres summery! Love the cute ever ours jewelry too!x

  13. The ever ours necklace is so cute, I love it! That Barry M shade looks lovely too! xx

  14. love your little necklace :) nice shade of polish as well xx


  15. i love the bicycle necklace and i'm really not a fan of pie and mash but i would happily take a little journey to see becks in the flesh :P x

  16. ooh love the bicycle necklace! :) x

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