Black and white

Black and white striped jersey dress: Primark
Black tights: Primark
Black 3/4 length cardigan: Primark
White plimsols: Vans
Chunky pearl necklace: Passed over by the best friend
Why do I look like a duck in the first picture...

This dress is hands down one of the best things I have ever brought. It was £8 and I want to wear it everyday! It's so comfy and makes me look like i've made some sort of effort even when i've just rolled out of bed! Primark needs to make it in every colour! My best friend donated this necklace to me, she said it seemed like my sort of thing. Knows me so well!

Off out for dinner tonight with one of my oldest friends, she's back for a week from Uni in Leeds so it will be a well deserved catch up. I don't see her nearly enough! Mad to think that after 19 years of friendship - we met at school aged four - we still have things to chat about. It's one of those friendships that although we may not see each other for months at a time it's like we've never been away. She's a keeper eh?

Nearly the weekend yet again, do you have any plans? I'm being a fatty and going out for dinner twice. Standard.


  1. I like that dress, I hope my local Primark has them x

  2. I want this dress too!! You look lush Soph. Hope you have a lovely dinner with your friend, jealous of two dinners out this weekend, I was supposed to go for one but Danny's making us all rearrange because of football plans, boo!xxx

  3. love your dress! such a bargain xxx

  4. I literally just posted an outfit post with this dress too, i love it so much! x

  5. Sophie we need to meet up near a big Primark and you need to show me the ropes - HOW DO YOU FIND SUCH AWESOME STUFF ALL THE TIME?

    Have a good meal! And those types of friends are the best


  6. Love that dress and your cameo print duvet is so sweet! xxx

  7. Gahhhh wish I'd bought it now!! I know it is only £8 but I reeeeeallly couldn't even afford THAT! Howevs my poorness aside you really look cool. Like uber cool. Cool with your vans!xx

  8. I love this dress, and what a bargain! I love those friends, definitely the ones to keep around - have a nice time & don't worry about the ProPoints!

    Stephie x

  9. That is such a pretty jersey dress! I want one!
    CAT xoxo

  10. Love this outfit Soph, you're looking hawt! Vams are always a great choice of foot wear. I haven't taken my white converse of my feet for weeks!

  11. cute dress! love the length it really suits you :) x

  12. You look lovely! I got some Flossie pumps from Office at the end of Feb and I've been living in them ever since- so comfy!

  13. I really like it, reminds me of the Topshop one which is three times the price!! :) xx

  14. I have this dress and the vans! I was waiting till summer to wear it but it looks great with tights too. you look lovely! xx

  15. I want this dress too! It looks really nice with the white plimsols :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  16. So cute.... It's the first time i see your blog and i really like it. Please see my blog if you can

  17. hi i realy want your bedding


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