Dream shoes

I have been thinking and decided that from this freelance contract I want to buy something special. I finally want to own my first piece of designer that I have paid with using my own hard earned pennies. I am not the best saver so the Mulberry Bayswater is out of the question at the minute, i'd rather go on holiday 5 times this year to be honest. I have decided on a pair of Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Lady Dragons. Ideally the red below is my ideal pair but they are out of stock in my size so they may just be a distant dream.
Hopefully by the end of May a pair of these beauties will be mine.

Do you own any Vivienne Westwood or Melissa shoes?


  1. Melissa shoes are the best - they smell amazing, like bubblegum!

    1. yes they do!! All shoes should have nice smells like these x

  2. Love the red ones, hopefully they'll be beack in stock soon :) And congrats on the contract, hope it goes well!

    I have some vivienne Westwood ankle boots that i love, but have only worn about twice (i bought them from a friend i'd never be able to justify a new pair of designer shoes!) x

  3. yayy, they're so so comfy! I have the blue and red heart ones :) and a cream pair with a skull and bow on too :) you should definitely get a pair! xo

  4. ooh pretty but my bank account says "ouch that hurts" :)

  5. oh they are so lovely! if only my bank balance would allow it. sob! x


  6. the red pair are amazing! Well they all are... it's a lovely idea to treat yourself after all your hard work! xx

  7. I love these shoes, the red pair are lovely :) What a great idea to treat yourself to something special after all your hard work! x

  8. Mmmm, yes! These are my dream shoes, I really do need to save for some! The colour of the last pair is gorgeous.


  9. I've been eyeing those pink glitter VW's up at work for a while now. They're also smelly (in a good way) and remind me of scented gel pens! xx

  10. I actually adore mine. Mine are a pair of Red Lady Dragons!. I got mine from Cocosa and I blogged about them (I say blogged I mean bloomin' gushed)
    Have a little peep if you like...http://shinypigeon.wordpress.com/2011/08/12/enter-the-lady-dragons/
    I made him indoors take about a million pictures inbetween me holding them to my face to sniff.
    These are my only designer thing that I have ever bought with my bare hands. Despite the fact I don't wear them as often as the price tag suggests I should, I cherish them because I know I worked for them.

  11. I would love to own the pink glitter ones! I'm such a rubbish saver though it would take me forever...
    Rachelle x

  12. These are stunning. (Yes they do smell lovely!)

    My eldest has a pair but the heel snapped so be careful with them!

    X x

  13. I'd love a pair of these, too!

  14. They all look so pretty, especially the 2nd as I'm a big fan of all that glitters! Good on you, get something you enjoy! It's a good feeling knowing you've earned something :)

  15. I prefer the pink glitter anyway SO THIS IS FATE TELLING YOU TO GET THEM.They do look rather beautiful but I'd be scared to wear them


  16. Ah shoes - a good way to spend your hard-earned money. I like your selections.


  17. I love these too!!

    Jen x

  18. i loooove these shoes, i don't know how i'd choose the colour though :P i love the red but the pink and glitter are both equally as gorgeous! x

  19. They are stunning ahoes aren't they? I have two pairs of Melissas and I can vouch that they are really comfy as well as being beautiful!

  20. I have the hot pink pair! They are going to be my wedding shoes in April...they are very comfy too which is a bonus! xx

  21. I love love love the pink sparkely pair, they look so cute and feminine! Almost remind me of a pair of dress-up Barbie heels that I had when I was like 5... in a good way obviously! ;-) xx

  22. I have look into buying these myself - although I yet to find a way to buy them ! Maybe I should be working harder !! You should definitely treat yourself to a pair xx


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