Oh My Darling!

Since I have started work I have been struggling with my work wardrobe. I have about 12 outfits on rotate and have been trying to mix it up as much as possible. I don't like wearing my "normal" clothes to work. I feel like I have to have that distinction. Does anyone else feel like that?

Anyway I was contacted by Darling and asked to look at their selection of clothing. We all know I love a dress and these are no execption! They would all be perfect for work and the best thing is they are all in the sale. Must be a sign!

Darling April Dress - £41.97

Darling Maisie Dress - £38.64

Darling Sylvie Swirl Dress - £41.97Darling Sara Dress - £48.97

Darling Lottie Dress - £38.64

Maisie is a gorgeous dress, I think it might be my favourite. I love the lace detail, it looks so feminine. It would be a shame to cover it up with a cardigan. I can't help to be drawn to florals so naturally Lottie ticks all the boxes! Although Sylvie and Sara are summer dresses they would still look fab layered up with cardigans and tights. I am thinking grey tights to add something a little different? April is structured making it perfect for the working environment. It is just right for working in the city!

Which one is your favourite?

This was a sponsored post by Darling.


  1. Maisie would be my choice, too.
    Back in the days of working I was the same as you, I hated wearing my "normal clothes" as it spoilt the joy of wearing them. I used to stick to a capsule wardrobe of a black shift dress, pinstriped shorts, a grey waistcoat and some wide legged black wool trousers and funk them up with vintage scarves, vivid tights and statement jewellery. It cut down loads of time getting ready in the morning. x

  2. They look like gorgeous dresses. I would happily house any of these in my wardrobe

  3. The April dress is my favourite! I've just written a guest post and it's going to be all about the perils of work clothes. I'm exactly the same, my work wardrobe is just so bland. I'm always a bit bleurrgh about shelling out on office "garmz"


  4. i think the april dress is my favourite one too :)

  5. I wear all my 'normal' clothes to work, and wear all my nice stuff at home. At work I have to live in jeans and tees, due to the nature of my job, and I wear all my skirts and pretty dresses when shopping and prancing about when I'm off work! I love the Slyvie! x

  6. Defo the Maisie dress, looks really cute! :) xx

  7. Maisie has to be the winner for me. It is beautiful, I love the lace detailing.

    I hate having to be all corporate for work. Our instruction is black suit and white blouse! Boring!! However you have seen how I try to mix it up. My youngest bless her always says I look like I am going onto the apprentice! Like you I have a work wardrobe so to speak. To that I add high heels, patterned tights, scarves, jewellery in fact anything to make it a bit more of me.

    But to be fair it is nice to not have to wear my own day to day clothes to work. I think I would dislike that even more in some ways.

    X x

  8. They are all lovely but the Maisie is my favourite. I love lace! xx

  9. I like them all but I would say that Maisie is my favourite because I love the lace, and I think it would be easy to dress up and down xx


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