Pretty in pink

Silk white blouse: c/o Ellos
Neon pink pleated midi skirt: New Look
Nude platform faux-suede pumps: Primark
Nude envelope clutch: Asos
Silver ball bracelet: Tiffany & Co

I was very kindly gifted this silky t-shirt along with a demin shirt (i've got an outfit post dedicated to that very soon!) by Swedish mail order company Ellos. I'd come across the brand on a few other blogs before so didn't stop to hesitate when I was informed I could pick a few pieces for myself! I'm so impressed by the quality considering the prices don't break the bank. They both feel lovely and soft on my skin - there's nothing worse than itchy fabric irritating you all day long. Swedish companies always seem to simple and sleek - H&M and Nelly are just two prime examples. Sometimes simple clothing is what makes the biggest statement in my opinion. I can see this white blouse becoming a staple in my wardrobe - there's no end of things it can be paired with! It's well worth the £17. I'm tempted to buy the other colours too!

I wore this  for a bite to eat at Nandos last night - not been since November according to my loyalty card. How has that even happened?! I may have been a little dressed up but its was a Friday and i'm not going out over the weekend so i'm making the most of it. I've got a bootsale to do today - i desperately need the money to boost my Mulberry funds. I'm nearly half way there!

 Do you have anything planned for the rainy weekend?


Blue and white gingham wiggle dress: Asos
Nude platform pumps: Primark
Nude 1960's kelly bag: Charity shop

This has to be hands down one of my favourite outfits i've worn recently. I brought this dress around a month ago and had been saving it for a special occasion. It fits like a glove and I felt amazing it - can't say that about all of my clothes! I went for a slightly 60s look, I did want to attempt a beehive from Catherine's blog but ran out of time. Next time though! It's just a shame this picture doesn't really do the dress justice, it was a rushed jobbie at the hotel. My friend was none to impressed at taking pictures of me!

I wore this out to a charity ball over the Jubliee weekend with some friend. It turned out to be a really good night despite the fact we were the youngest guests by about 20 years. We ended up making our own fun and NOT getting drunk, Seriously who has the dollar to pay £8 for a glass of wine?! I was not impressed!

How was your Jubliee weekend?

Casino Royale

I love any old excuse to throw on a pretty dress, have fancy hair and put my war paint on. After all, what girl doesn't?  One place where you can really go all out is a casino - we've all seen the elegant dresses in the casino movies. Casinos always seem like glamourous places - admittedly the only one i've been too is on a Christmas work party where we were handed a wad of fake money and told to blow it all!

With so many casino games to play, it's hard to pick a favourite. But if I had to choose i'd go for the Roulette wheel. I always play it safe and opt for black or red. I think i'm too much of a chicken to pick one number and risk it all. I've never really played any card games - only 21 and Uno! Have you ever played any games at the Casino?

Now onto the most important aspect - the beautiful dresses! I think the more glam the better to be honest. My personal favourite has to be the French Connection one. But at £250 it's a little steep. The gorgeous nude Asos one is a lot more purse friendly at £60. Now what can I sell to raise the funds for it....

Have you ever been to a casino? What would your ideal dress be?

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