Top five bootsale finds

The next in the series of my top five is gems i've managed to hunt down at bootsales. I'm a sucker for a bootsale and my mother and I try try to go them as often as we can. We both love a bit of secondhand junk! 

001. This has to be my all time favourite find at a bootsale. It was just 50p and I absolutely love it! It was in quite poor condition but my dad painted the frame and nailed the flyaway bits together - it came out just like brand new!

002. I've suddenly gone into full on nesting mode and have been buying bits and pieces for my future home. I have no intention of starting to save for at least another two years but best to be prepared though right? It might not be there by the time I move out - my dad doesn't agree with me! This is a little bit worn but I just think it adds to its charm. It's perfect for dinner parties!

003. I get so much wear out of this collar necklace, it seems to go with everything. I think i've definately had my money out of out for just a £1. Like i've said before you can get some proper gems at bootsales - they're perfect for magpies like me!

004. I dread to think how many brooches I own - i'm always picking one up here and there. I really think they can make an outfit and love to pop them on coats to add something a little extra. I pick up these three for only 50p each and admittedly I haven't worn them yet but they are so pretty! The three pearl one is my favourite.

005.This beauty was only £2. Bargain or what?! I've never heard of the make before but it feels such good quality. It's not often I find clothing at boot sales, it tends to be mainly bric and brac. Admittedly I've not actually worn it yet as I'm not a frequent jeans wearer but it's never going to go out of fashion - I've got plenty of time to wear it!

What's your best boot sale buy?

I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

Floral perplum dress: Asos
Nude platform pumps: Primark
Nude envelope clutch: Asos

I bet you are getting fed up of seeing these nude shoes and clutch bag in every going out post. I know I am! It's just they go with absolutely everything and black just seems so harsh with my summer clothes. Although I have a lot of shoes - around 40 pairs is quite a lot for someone who's not a 'shoe girl' - they all seem to be in the same colours. I think I need to branch out and buy some brightly coloured ones! Ahhh this dress makes me so happy. It's just so bright and the flowers remind me 70s wallpaper which is always a bonus. The perplum is perfect for hiding a food baby which is just as well as I'm planning on stuffing myself silly tonight!

As I said i'm off out tonight. One of my friends has came home from travelling after a YEAR! Needlessly to say i'm pretty excited to see her and we are heading out to my favourite restaurant - a Mexican in the next village. Is it sad I already know what i'm having?

What are you lot up to this weekend?

A snapshot #15

 It's a little bit late this week but this is what i've been up to in the past week.

001. One of my favourite ways to wear my nails recently  is to have a pastel shade underneath OPI Rainbow Connection. It's a little subtle sparkle and everyone seems to comment on it!

002. My Olympic tickets arrived this week which was very exciting! I have tickets for the hockey and football quarter finals. It's made me really wish i'd brought some more but I really don't have the money. Still i'm going to try and make it along to the free road races if I can.

003. I'm back on weightwatchers today thanks to a week and a half of eating whatever I like. While it's been brilliant I do feel a little bloated and am actually looking forward to come disipline in my life once again. Plus I dread to think how much i've put on!

004. When my great nan died, my nan gave me some of her brooches to keep. I have an insane amount of brooches and sometimes forget what I actually have. I found this while sorting through my drawers yesterday and decided it deserved an outing.

005-006. The most amazing charity shop warehouse has opened in my area - it's seriously huge and sells absolutely everything. The furniture is to die-for and I could quite easily have came home with a piano if I had somewhere to put it. I didn't go home empty-handed. I brought a cute little sewing box and pattern - my friend is teaching me to sew over the summer so thought i'd start building up a collection. A lovely decanter for my bottom drawer - I couldn't leave it behind for £2! I play the clarinet and am drawn towards old sheet music. I don't quite know what i'm going to do with it but i'm sure i'll find a use for 50p!

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