Madame Butterfly

I have yet another day at the races coming up. This time it is Ladies Day at Newmarket with my mum and her friends. As I didn't have the money to buy a expensive dress, I had to make do with good old Primark, I thought I would treat myself to a new fascinator. I have had my eye on Crown and Glory products for a while but had not had the money to treat myself. Seems to be the story of my life so far. I finally took the plunge and ordered this beautiful butterfly fascinator for only £15. A complete bargain when you see the prices of some in the shops!

It really is such a beautiful piece. Even my mum emailed me when she picked it exclaiming how gorgeous it was! The butterflies are so delicate and the colours look amazing together. It has orange and cream butterflies glued onto a straw circle with a white comb. I can imagine me back combing my hair, like it suggested in the packaging (loved the tips inside!) and having it slightly over my face. I am already looking for the excuse to buy another fascinator and some hair clips!
This is not a sponsored post, I brought it with my own hard earned cash.

This is the outfit I am going to wear next Friday. The hat goes perfectly with all the colours in my dress!I just want to say a huge hello to my new followers, seem to have required quite a few over the last few days. If you ever fancy a chat you can catch me on twitter!

I have also put myself out there on Alyse blog in her feature Girls who Dare to Bare. It is such an amazing idea about how we percieve beauty. I have got one make up free picture and one with my everyday make up. I look ever so pale without make up, in fact my boyfriend commented that I looked dead when he saw it. Charming! Check it out!

Everbody wants to be famous, nobody wants to be nameless

Navy and cream spotted palazzo trousers: Primark
White vest top: Primark
Navy cardigan: Primark
Navy low court shoes: Primark
Navy and brown trimmed satchal: Primark
Red plastic watch: Toy watch
Silver heart necklace: 21st Birthday gift
Silver charm bracelet: Pandora

The werid legs apart was to show you that they are actually trousers!

Woah there is a whole lot of Primark in that outfit! I did not realise until I listed it! To be honest I think it shows just how on the ball Primark are this season. They have some stunning things at the moment and I am shopping there because I like the clothes rather than because I can't afford anything else. I have had these trousers a good few months and only cut out the labels today. I wanted to lose a bit of weight before wearing them but that's not happening! So I thought I'd be brave and wear them to work. I didn't feel self consious at all which is amazing considering I have a phobia of trousers!

I have some very exciting news! I got my results back for my degree and I have a 2.1 in Journalism!! Well I think I do, I have never go lower than a 2.1 in any of my modules over the past three years and when I calculated an average I got 64% which is a 2.1. So unless I get marked down dramatically (fingers crossed I don't) I will be presented with a 2.1 degree on my graduation. I am so pleased, it feels like all those nights stresses and many tears have finally paid off.

My parents very kindly treated me to a Pandora bracelet as a "well done on graduating" present even though I don't technically graduate until October! I had one on my Christmas list so I am so happy with it. I can't wait to fill it up with lots of pretty charms!

The rents brought me the bracelet, text book charm and graduation hat. My very lovely nan brought me the blue charm as my uni colours will be yellow and blue for my graduation.


We'll die in the class we were born

White long line shirt: Next
Rust coloured skinny trousers: Primark
Tan skinny belt: Primark
Nude court shoes: Primark
Flower earrings: Topshop
Red plastic watch: Toywatch

I came home from work last week and found a little Primark goodie bag in my room curtesy of my mum. She's a diamond. Among the goodies were these skinny trousers. I was a bit appprehensive at first as trousers are not usually my friend. But as these had an elasticated waist I thought I would give them a whirl. I am still not very confident wearing them with a tucked in top but love them with a long top. So comfortable so perfect for commuting! However I dropped orange nail varnish down this shirt but have passed it over to my nan so fingers crossed she will bleach it and it will be as good as new.

I went to Ascot yesterday and had a blast! Even if it was £24 for a jug of Pimms. I did rubbish on the betting, I only won £5. I have not got a clue about betting so its no surprise I was rubbish! I didn't take that many pictures as I had a bit to do about my camera. I thought I had lost it when it turned out I gave it to my boyfriends best friend for safe keeping! Obviously starting drinking at 9.30 in the morning is not a clever thing to do! As a result I didn't end up taking that many pictures but I am going to wait until they all appear on facebook and then do a post on it!

How has everyone's weekend been? Did anyone else go to Ascot?

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