Four places I'd love to visit on a cruise holiday

Planet Cruise never really appealed to me until the last few years - now I love the idea if being about to tick so many things off my bucket list in one holiday. It seems like river cruises are my thing. So many incredible cities are located along riverbanks. Here are four different types of cruises I'd love to go on...

1. River Danube cruise
We spent time along the River Danube in Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna but there is so much more I want to explore. Starting in the Black Forest of Germany, the river flows through ten different countries. This time it'll be great to visit during the winter months to see more of Germany along the river. Catching the Christmas markets at Nuremberg, Bamberg and Wurzburg are all top of my list. Alternatively, it'll be great to see the Balkens - a region of Europe I'm not too familiar with but am keen to change. I've heard so many good things about the slightly undiscovered Serbia.

Image credit Lily Lipstick
2. River Mekong cruise
The world's 12th longest river is based in south-east Asia. But the two countries I've most interested in seeing along the route are Cambodia and Vietnam. Angkor Wat is top of my list! I'd love to see the rural floating communities as well as the big city of Ho Chi Minh City.

Image credit Bow Dream Nation

3. Iceland, Norway and Faroe islands cruise
This part of the world always seems like it's from another planet and I think that's part of the reason why it appeals so much to me. All three countries are brand new to me and all high on my list of places to visit. I've spent many hours looking at blog posts about the beautiful Bergan, Reykjavik and Torshavn. I can imagine the scenery on the cruise will be absolutely breathtaking.

Image from Planet Cruise

4. River Nile cruise
My nan did this a few years ago and the pictures looked amazing! I don't think you can fully appreciate these ancient wonders of the world along the longest river in the world until you actually see them in person. The Valley of the Kings have been on my bucket list for ages and I'd love to finally tick it off.

This post was written in collaboration with Planet Cruise - one of the largest independent cruise agents, offering deals to over 3000 different ports.

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