How to spend a lazy weekend

Mustard pattern cushion: Rooi*, grey ombre throw: Next*, Lonely Planet guide books: Amazon, 36 hours 125 Weekends in Europe: Amazon, pineapple candle: Primark, white chair: second hand

Due to a few things happening in real life, I've really scaled back my weekends and taken a step back. Usually I spend both days frantically fitting things in and constantly back and forth on trains into London. By the time Monday morning rolls around, I wake up exhausted ready to start the working week. The last few weeks I've very rarely left my Essex town instead choosing to spend my free days at home. I feel so much better for it and haven't even really felt the FOMO. It's been so nice to mooch around at my leisure and spend some time with local family and friends.

I've been setting aside one day at the weekend where I literally don't leave the house. Sometimes I don't even get dressed! Boy has it been good for the soul...

I never set an alarm and even if I do wake up early I like to lounge around and very rarely get up before 11am. I love to treat myself to a indulgent breakfast - smashed avocado, crumbled feta and chili flakes on crusty tiger bread is my brunch of choice. Then I like to potter around to do a few life admin bits and bobs that I have missed out during the week.

After lunch I like to settle down with a book underneath a cosy throw with a cushion and a candle flickering in the background. Sometimes it is my Game Of Thrones book on my kindle - on the third book now! - or it something from my collection of travel books. I'm absolutely obsessed with travel books. It could be researching places I've already booked or looking for inspiration for must-visit countries in the future. My list grows bigger by the day! I'm forever making wish lists on Air BnB in far flung places.

I've been really enjoying to put aside a Sunday to bake or cook something new from my mountain of cookbooks. So I usually volunteered to cook dinner for the evening.

How do you spend a lazy weekend? I recommend you take a day out for yourself!

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  1. I love the occasional lazy weekend, although much prefer them in the colder months! Few things beat a rainy afternoon snuggled up with a good book :)

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