Five series on Netflix to watch over the Christmas break

1. Peaky Blinders
If you know me in real life you will know just how obsessed I am with this programme. It features two of my favourite actors - Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy - so I was always going to tune in. Set in Birmingham just after WW1, it follows the Shelby gangster family as they struggle to go legitimate. With six episodes in each series, it's perfect to binge watch. Keep in mind that once you start you won't be able to stop! The cinematopgraphy is stunning, the acting is superb, the costumes are gorgeous and the storyline is addictive.

2. Medici: Masters of Florence
Florence has been on my travel wishlist for years and Robb Stark is my favourite King of the North. So when I found out a new series starring Richard Madden based on the Medici dynasty in 15th century Florence, I started counting down until it dropped on Netflix. The Medici family was an Italian banking family who clawed their way up in society. I knew nothing of this family so have found the series to be so interesting. with the beautiful backdrop is a plus too.

3. The Crown
A Netflix original, there's been a lot of hype around this series about the British Royal family. Despite growing up in the UK,  I don't really know too much about our monarchy. The series is full of scandal and makes you realise that the Royals could be just like us after all. Matt Smith gets under my skin as Prince Philipp and Claire Foy is superb as the Queen.

4. Homeland
The first series of this programme is up there as one of the finest I have ever seen. I think I watched the whole thing in less than a week. The American political thriller is fast paced and strangely topical at the moment. Claire Danes will exhaust you and Damien Lewis will once again keep you enthralled.

5. The Office UK
An oldie but such a goodie. For some reason the Ricky Gervais comedy always reminds me of Christmas. The mockumentary sitcom following the day-to-day lives of office workers in Slough makes me belly laugh every time. It's so unbelievably cringe worthy. David Brent really is the best character Ricky Gervais has created.


  1. Oh Peaky Blinders is brilliant - such a good show!! Have you heard Cillian Murphy in an interview? I got so used to his Birmingham accent it was a bit of a shock! He's so good in that show, I'd love to see him in more things

  2. Cillian Murphy is my favourite actor but I still haven't seen Peaky Blinders! :'( I don't like anything with too much violence so I'm slightly scared it would make me too anxious! It is on my list though, I just might have to watch some scenes from inbetween covers... x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure


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