Thoughts on leaving home for the first time

I'm in the process of looking for a house to buy. A house to BUY. God that's a sentence that I never thought I would ever write. It seems like we've been saving for years and while we have been saying we've been saving for years, realistically we probably only put some effort into it at the beginning of this year. Back in January it didn't really seem like a possibility but yet somehow, we've managed to scrape together enough money for a deposit for a house. Thank the lord for those 5% deposits. It all so exciting and after spending ten years with my boyfriend, I'm so ready to move out and make a home together.

But yet as it seems to be getting closer, it's also becoming just a little bit scary. At the grand age of 27 years old, I'm getting ready to leave home for the first time. My safe haven. The place where I can be myself. I never moved away for Uni so I haven't had the experience of living away from home. I've lived in the same house in the same town my whole life. I'm only looking to move out into the same town - it's as close to London as we can afford - so I'm really not venturing that far. But, it will be on my own away from everything I have ever known. I'm a massive homebird and as an only child, I genuinely enjoy my own company and in my house I often get that. It's such a nerve wracking thing to set up home with someone and even when you have ten years behind you, you never really know someone until you live with them. Their little quirks that seem cute at the moment but may grate on you after a few months of living in each others pockets. I'm pretty confident not much will change as thanks to our jobs we rarely spend much time together. But there's always those niggling feelings at the back your mind.

Will my own house ever feel like home? Will I feel comfortable in my own home as I do at my home at moment? Will I always feel like my parents house is 'home'? Will my boyfriend and I be able to live in perfect harmony? What will happened why I get only child syndrome and want to be alone?

I suppose all those questions will never be answered until you finally take the plunge and set up house yourself. One thing I do know is, I'm looking forward to finally leaving my shoes downstairs by the stairs without being told off!


  1. The idea of "home" is so complicated - I still feel like my parents' house is "home" because of my memories there but my flat is home too in a different way. Take each day as it comes and you'll still be close enough to steal food from your parents' fridge! x

  2. Ahhh how exciting! You'll love it, Tom and I have just moved in together and it's almost like going back into the honeymoon stage :)
    Elle Bloggs


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