Restaurant review: Market Porter Supper Club

Something a little different for a restaurant review today. Market Porter is an amazing online supermarket who specialise in artisan cheese, meat, chocolate and charcuterie from British producers. You'll know exactly where your food comes from and enjoy treats from small-scale produces. The older I'm getting and the more I'm reading, I'm starting to really care about where my food comes from and how it's made. I'm not perfect but I'm trying. Slowly but surely right?

Last week Market Porter took over a The Table in Southwark to put on a two day supper club showcasing their incredible produce in a seven course menu thought up by Young British Foodie's 2015 chef of the Year Adam Rawson. What a way to get to spend a Thursday eh?

Starting with a Japanese gin and tonic, we eagerly awaited the first course. Soft Highland Brie with crunchy oats and smoked russet apple topped with a leaf of nasturtium. The oozing cheese was so rich and paired perfectly with the flavours of the apple to help take it down a notch. Officially established in 1967, the cheesemongers in the Scottish Highlands produce a staggering 150 tonnes of cheese a year. When it tastes as good as this, I can see why they're in demand!

Second was my favourite course. Tender pork cheeks topped with roasted shallots and watercress on a bed of Chevril root - not too dissimilar to celeriac. The meat fell apart as soon as you dug your fork in and just melted in your mouth. It had a similar texture to pulled meat and is something I'd definitely order again if I saw it on the menu. Coming from Lakehaven Farm, they specialise in rare-breed pigs and takes the time help them mature and enjoy their surroundings in the 25-acre space.

Next up was Dorset air dried beef, potato, a sprinkle of rosemary and Enoki mushrooms. Sitting in a rich, salty broth, the little balls were delicious. I loved the hint of rosemary paired with the broth. I wish I didn't have to share them! Capeolus Fine Foods specialises in local bred and reared rare-breeds. The beech wood chips help to add a delicate flavour to the cured meats.

Amazingly I still had room for more so welcomed the next course. Juicy roast chicken on a base of Cornish Blue cheese topped with charred leeks and tempera mini eels. The cheese sauce was so addictive with such a subtle taste. The production of the 'world champion cheese' was first started in 2001 and has been going strong ever since.

When I read gammon, egg and chips on the menu, this was not what I expected to arrive on the table! The salty gammon and sweet pineapple proved to the perfect partners. You really can't go wrong with chips and gravy either! The last of the savoury courses, it was time for the puddings.

A rich chocolate mousse used sea salt chocolate from Edinburgh-based Ocelet Chocolate. The brand won a staggering six medals at the Academy of Chocolate Awards in 2015. Finally, a deconstructed custard cream appeared as the final course. The perfect end to one of my favourite ever blog events. It's made me want to sign up for one of their meat boxes asap. Thanks so much for having me Market Porter!

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