Three top tips for a girls night in

Let's face it, nothing beats a cosy night in with your favourite girl or two putting the world to rights, scoffing endless snacks and lusting over Ryan Gosling, wondering when on earth he is going to ask you out. All fun girly nights have three main ingredients. Include these and you'll end up having the best night in. I promise.

1. Pampering
I love a good pampering session but due to a busy life, I rarely make time. Something I need to work better on! But a girls night provides the perfect excuse while giving you a chance to natter. I'm loving sheet masks at the minute - thanks for introducing me Michelle! - and they really do work their magic. Worth it too for the comedy factor of having it on your face and pretending to be a ghost. Just me then... So pull together your favourite nail polishes, moisturisers and face masks to give each other some much needed TLC.

2. Food
Food is probably the most important aspect of any meet up or any occasion really. But pigging out doesn't always have to mean shoving a 20 inch pizza, a bowl of nachos and 25 chicken wings down your throat in less than ten minutes. Luckily Go Ahead!* have the perfect snacks that allow you to indulge but feel a little less guilty too. My favourite are the cookie bites - especially the sweet white chocolate and raspberry nibbles. They're the perfect treat to make sure you indulge your sweet tooth and less than 100 calories. Perfection right?!  The crispy fruity yogurt breaks also get a massive thumbs up for me. I'll be making any excuse to eat these!

3. Films
Finally you need films. But not just any old films. Films that make you cry with laughter, smile until your face hurts and make your heart swell. So obviously any films with Ryan Gosling in. Light-hearted, funny films that you don't have to concentrate too hard on. Because let's face it, you'll be doing a hell of a lot of chatting throughout. If only to discuss THAT scene in The Notebook...

What are your top tips for a girls night in?


  1. I'm definitely not a proper girl as I've never seen The Notebook! x

  2. Mean Girls will ALWAYS be a winner for a girls night in! Love this post! Now I want to pick up some sheet masks, text my friends, and have a fun night in!

  3. great tips girl!now read my article about older men and why we prefer them enjoy!


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