Review: Flesh and Buns, Covent Garden, London

Flesh and Buns had been on my list for a while but I'd never really made it there. That's what happens when you work in a city where numerous new restaurants open each week - you can hardly keep up! But when I wanted to celebrate my birthday with my internet friends back in January and Hannah casually dropped in the famous Sunday Japanese brunch, my mind was made up. I finally had my chance to visit.

For £46 you were given a delicious cocktail on arrival, chips, dips and edamane, unlimited hot and cold dishes, signature flesh and buns, unlimited prosecco and dessert for the table. When a plate of mixed sashimi is £12, this works out to be one hell of a deal. So of course we went to town and ordered one of everything off the menu. You gotta try it all right?!

Everything was absolutely delicious and we were still talking about the meal a week later. Personal highlights for me was the crispy, spicy Korean fried chicken wings, the fresh soft shell sushi, the tender flat iron steak in a soft steamed bun and peppery fried squid. I could have order so much more. - especially those juicy chicken wings. The sweet and sour sauce was so addictive.

No indulgent brunch is ever complete without a little dessert. We had the famous s'mores with passionfruit marshmallows, almond chocolate and crumbly biscuits. There's something that make you feel a bit like you've regressed to a child when you have to create your own food! Next up for the gooey chocolate fondant with matcha ice cream. Delicious!

It was honestly one of my favourite meals I've had in the city and can't wait to book my next trip back. Despite the bill coming to over £50 a head, it really was such great value for money. We ate until we were fit to burst and certainly took lots of advantage of the unlimited fizz. Definitely a great way to spend a lazy Sunday.


  1. I think this sounds like such good value - a great way of trying the restaurant. Fingers crossed I make it there soon! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  2. That all looks amazing, so lucky to have so many great restaurants nearby :-)

  3. Oh wow, what a spread! Pricey but definitely great value for money!

  4. My mouth is literally dribbling right now Sophie.....! xx



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