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Ah the green and pleasant land. I hold my hands up and say I take living in the UK for granted. When I'm looking for trips away, it's the last place I look. But when I actually sit and think about it, the UK might be rainy but it's pretty stunning! The four countries are blessed with incredible history, greenery and landmarks. It's about time I started exploring properly!

1. Cheddar Gorge
The limestone gorge in Somerset reminds me of a a landscape from Middle Earth in Lord Of The Rings! I feel so lucky to have such stunning landscapes right on my doorstep in the UK. It's almost 400ft deep and a staggering three miles long - it started forming a mind blowing million years ago during the last Ice Age. Apart from Glastonbury, Somerset isn't a part of the world I'm too familiar with and I'd love to take a camping trip nearby. It really is nature at it's finest!

2. Giant's Causeway
I love a good folk tale and this one has to be one of my favourites. According to the legend, Irish giant Fionn Mac Cumhaill was challenged to a fight by a Scottish giant Benandonner. Fionn accepted and built a causeway across the north channel so they could meet. Fionn panics when he realises Benandonner's size and gets his wife to disguise him as a baby in a cradle. When Benandonner sees the size of the 'baby' he reckons his father must be a giant among giants. So he flees back to Scotland, destroying the causeway on his way to his home. My boyfriend's family doesn't live too far away in Ireland so I'm hoping we can squeeze in a trip if we go over to visit next year.

3. Arthur's Seat
I've only spent the day in Edinburgh and only managed to see the castle. I'd love to go back and climb the highest peak in the city's Holyrood Park. The views from the dormant volcano look absolutely incredible. It's also home to 2000 year old preserved fort and a 15th century medieval chapel. But if I'm honest I just really want to soak up that view.

4. Stonehenge
I've seen this bizarre arrangement of rocks a few times from the car but I've never gotten up close and personal before. No one really knows why these rocks were displayed in such a way but there are many theories out there. But many believe that it is a prehistoric temple aligned with the movements of the sun. One of things I'm most proud of as a Brit is our vast incredible history over our four countries - Stonehenge is a prime example of this.

5. Lake District
The Lake District is one place I've heard many people go ga-ga over. The sheer beauty of the national park has people going gooey-eyed. There are many market towns within the region and it seems like such a beautiful part of the United Kingdom. I'd love to pop on a pair of walking boots, grab a map and just explore until my hearts content, breathing in the fresh air. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the beauty of nature to feel like everything will be alright.

6. Isle of Skye
Seals. Seals are the sole reason why I'm so desperate to visit the Isle of Skye. I wouldn't mind seeing the dolphins either. Or the dinosaur fossils. At 50 miles long, it's the largest island of the Inner Hebrides, Scotland. The isle is full of castles, quaint villages and lots of walking trails. The ultimate outdoor holiday eh?

7. Highlands
There seems to be a running theme of Scotland in this list. Full of gorgeous stretches of coastlines, impressive mountains, overwhelming glens and stunning islands, it's got something for everyone. I've actually got a friend who moved up to a little village so really I have no excuse not to visit. My boyfriend went earlier in the year and the pictures looked amazing. Although he didn't manage to find the Loch Ness monster. Can't win them all!

8. Norfolk Broads
For years I've been meaning to hire a canal boat and travel down the broads stopping at the quaint pubs along the way for a cider and roast dinner. The rivers and lakes run through the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. It's an area of the country that's not too far from my house so it's a crime I haven't been sooner.

What's on your UK bucket list? It seems like I need to plan a road trip around Scotland!


  1. Great post! Being a West Country girl, Cheddar Gorge is somewhere I have been going since I was little but I haven't been for a while - certainly need to take a trip there soon. :)

  2. If you make it to Somerset let me know! We have a house not too far from Cheddar and Glastonbury and I'm moving there permanent in two weeks! x

  3. If you come to Ireland we'll go to the causeway as my house is next door

  4. It's a great idea to do a UK Bucket list. I think we all get a bit distracted with wanting to go away from the UK but we forget that there are some great places to visit!

    Leanne x

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  5. Such a fan of this post!! I am very passionate about everyone experiencing our home here in the UK, so many people are missing out by jumping on planes and heading abroad every year. When I was little my Mum insisted that me and my sister saw the UK before we went abroad so I've been pretty lucky and visited most of the beautiful places in the country, and exploring the UK is something I still have a passion for now.

    I've done most of your list but never been to Stonehenge or the Isle of Skye.

    SO pleased the Norfolk Broads are on your list, I'm probably a little biased as I grew up in Norfolk, but it really is so so beautiful and the perfect place to spend your Summer holidays. We actually did a "staycation" back home in Norfolk last Summer and had such a lovely time.

    You should definitely add Newcastle to your bucket list too if you haven't been!

    Chloe x

  6. I really want to visit Stonehenge and Lake District. xx


  7. I've seen Stone Henge from the car because it was pouring with rain - feel like that sums up my UK travel experience! x

  8. I'm exactly the same, I have friends who are from outside the UK and have seen more places than me which I am pretty ashamed of! I am making it my mission for my 30s to get out and see lots more of the UK.
    Like you I really want to see the Lake District I've never been, my Boss waxes lyrical about it though. I want to visit Edinburgh especially as I would love to go to the Tattoo. I really want to go Kayaking in Scotland as well, it's something a friend recommended to me a few years ago. Also I want to climb the three peaks.
    Thanks for sharing your UK bucket list. x
    P.S Seals are totally a legitamate reason for visiting a place - try the Isles Of Scilly if you're never been, they have many seals as well as beautiful island scenery and a gorgeous tropical garden on Tresco. Worth a visit.

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