Review: Jackson & Rye

Not working in London anymore means I'm usually always late to the party - I can hardly keep up with all the new openings. My list doesn't seem to be getting any shorter!

When I arranged a dinner date with Elodie in central I suggested - well maybe bullied - her into going Jackson & Rye. She'd already been quite a few times already so was all too happy to go along with my suggestion. I booked a table for 6pm and when we arrived it was already starting to get busy so I really would suggest booking before turning up! We had such an attentive waitress who made the meal really enjoyable. I loved the old American feel of the place - it felt like you'd stepped back in time to the Deep South.

After being persuaded to stay away from the burger I went with the crispy buttermilk fired chicken with spicy white cabbage slaw and a side of sweet potato fries. The portion was absolutely huge so I'm glad we didn't opt for a starter. The chicken was succulent and perfectly crunchy. There's nothing worse that soggy fried chicken.  The fries were very moreish with a tasty spice to them. The batter did get a bit too sickly and greasy towards the end but I'd still have it again! I loved the white cabbage slaw. The ratio of mayo and lemon couldn't be better and I could have eaten a whole bowl of the stuff. I'm not even much of a slaw fan either!

On a side not this whole mood lighting trend in restaurants really doesn't help me to take pictures - sort it out owners!

Have you ever eaten at Jackson & Rye?


  1. Jackson & Rye is on my list of places to go - I've heard such great things about their chicken and I think my boyfriend would really like it!

    Saskia /

  2. I'd not heard of it, but off to London in a couple of weeks so will keep it in mind!


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