I'm not looking for a new England

Red checked cotton midi dress: ASOS (similar)
Light wash demin jacket: Primark (similar)
Gold ornate statement necklace: Car boot (similar)
White gem block heeled sandals: Next (similar)

I can't be the only one who's happy that summer seems to have picked up again? August was a bit of a wash out so fingers crossed September is due to be a scorcher. I went car booting at the weekend and picked up three necklaces - one of which i'm showcasing - and some amazing dinner plates for my non-exsistant house. You can't beat a bargain and i'm sad that there's not much of the car boot season left. The dress is an oldie but a goodie. It's my fail safe dress, something I turn to when I don't quite know what to wear or am in a rush to catch my train in the morning. It's so easy to throw on and helps to make you look presentable. I'm all about having not having to make much effort in the morning - beauty sleep is a precious thing!

This week is a quiet one and i'm looking forward being a hermit at home and not really going out. Sometimes life just gets too busy and as much as it's so nice to see friends, sometimes it's just as nice to sit indoors with Netflix for company and slobbing out in your pjs.

Does anyone else have any exciting plans for this week?


  1. This dress is divine, I wish they were still selling it!

    Maria xxx

  2. Dress = perfect! It looks effortlessly chic xx

  3. Cambridge for me this weekend! But I'm definitely due some duvet and film time soon!

  4. Off to Leeds on Saturday to see the ballet, which is quite exciting! I;m still sad that I missed out on this dress in the end.

  5. I loved the pattern! Awesome outfit!

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  6. I must admit, I'm fully ready for Autumn now - my scarves and boots are at the ready! You look gorgeous <3 xx


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