Zizzi's Sweet Pizza - say what?!

Last night I was invited to down to Zizzi to sample their new special dessert pizza - the first one they've launched. Apparently these bad boys are massive across the water. How I didn't have one whilst I was i NY i'll never know. It's drizzled in warm hazelnut chocolate sauce and topped with juicy strawberries and melted gooey marshmallows on a traditional crispy pizza base. It sounds like heaven eh? And it is! The moreish marshmallows were my favourite bit and really hit the spot paired with the almost caramelised strawberries. I was worried it would be a bit too sickly but I could easily have polished away one for myself - unfortunately I decided to share this with my boyfriend. Schoolboy error! If you have a sweet tooth, you won't want this dessert to end.

As for the rest of the meal, we both opted for a Rustica pizza which have the best bases out of the pizzas in my opinion. I plumped for Rustica Primavera - a delicious pesto, goats cheese, aubergine, artichokes, olives, rocket and mozzarella concoction. The very generous helping of pesto helped it go down a treat!

I'd just like to say a massive thank you to the staff at the Chelmsford branch who were all absolutely lovely!

Have you tried the sweet pizza yet? It's a must-try!


  1. Next time I'm in zizzi's this will be getting a sample! Looks delicious and I totally agree that the rustica bases are a winner


  2. Oh my god, this looks so good!

    Maria xxx

  3. Never been to Zizzi but I might just have to change that!!

    Christy x
    another weekend without make-up

  4. The food looks tasty.



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