Bank Holiday Fun

This weekend we braved the elements and took ourselves down to Debden House based in Epping Forest for a few days to make the most of the Bank Holiday. I promise the males of the group had a good time too despite their faces...

Epping Forest is only around 20 minutes from my house and I spent many happy hours as a kid cycling through the trees on family day trips. This campsite is at the Loughton end and when you get there you could be absolutely anywhere. I'm so lucky I have this on my doorstep!

With no wifi - something I surprisingly enjoyed! - we spent the days making fires, toasting marshmallows, eating burgers, taking the mick out of each other, wandering through the forest, laughing belly laughs and drinking cider. It was just the mini break I needed and the perfect farewell to the summer. Looks like it's autumn now!


  1. Mmm love toasted marshmallows! x

  2. looks like a wonderful time! I love roasted marshmallows! Campfires are a sure sign that autumn is coming!

  3. Ah looks like a lovely little trip! Makes my bank hol seem so boring! I need to start doing more things!!!

    ​​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x​​

  4. Aww this looks perfect - and I am always keen to get away from technology for a night or two! What a lovely way to spend the last weekend of summer (sob) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  5. Ha belly laughs are the best! Even though I don't like camping it beats my weekend which was spent doing, well, nothing.
    Plus those marshmallows look awesome


  6. this looks so fun Sophie! you all look so chilled and happy! i haven't been camping in so long, i really need to go again soon!XX happy friday (almost) sweetie xxx

  7. This sounds so lovely, there's nothing better than toasting marshmallows and relaxing with friends!

    Maria xxx


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