Brockley Market

Tucked away in Lewisham College car park, you'll find the small but perfectly formed Brockley Market selling some of the most delicious food you'll feast your eyes on. We of course went along to try Mother Flipper which you already know but we couldn't leave without trying a few more of their wares!

After i'd scoffed my burger I headed straight to Kooky Bakes to nab myself one of their Whoopie Pies for when the hunger pains striked again. A delicious concoction of red velvet with a layer of tasty buttercream in the middle. It was worth every penny of the three English pounds. My boyfriend opted for a more savory treat and treated himself to a small pot of garlic olives from Olive Branch.

We also got a pie each - pulled pork for me and stilton for Connor with a bag of pork scratchings to munch on. It was such a hot day and in hindsight we shouldn't have left the pies as when we got round to eating them later on in Greenwich Park, they'd gone a bit sweaty. I think they'd be much more enjoyable if we'd eaten then as soon as we'd got them. Lesson learnt! I completely forgot to catch the name of the stall.

We also spotted Professer Green queuing up for his burger next to us. Always nice to have a little celeb spot! I think he caught us talking about him as he turned round and gave us a little smile. Obviously we're not as subtle as we think we are!

Have you been to Brockley Market?


  1. Sophie, you are making me so hungry right now! xx


  2. This looking amazing. Now I am starving!

  3. oh all of that looks so yummy but i just adore the snap of the greyhound. they are just so cute.

  4. I've never been there but it looks like a fun place to go :)

  5. Well, I'm now officially hungry haha! Good job it's lunch time as I'm reading this!

    Jennie xo |

  6. Reading about the whoopee pie made my stomach rumble! And I love a cheeky celeb spot too, selfridges is amazing around Christmas time!



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