Powder blue

Powder blue midi dress: c/o Hobbs
Powder blue lady dragons: Vivienne Westwood (similar)
Silver ball bracelet: Tiffany & Co
Red lip crayon: Cover Girl

Hobbs was one of those brands I used to lust (and still do!) over when I was working hard in Uni. And eating lots of pizza.  I imagined i'd be dressed top to toe in the brand, wearing high heels everyday and swanning around in London when I got my first job. My first job was indeed in London but I lasted in heels for about a week and my wages still only stretched to Primark. So I was over the moon when they got in touch to see if I fancied something. I couldn't reply quick enough and this dress caught my eye as soon as I opened the website. It just so elegant, summery and pretty damn perfect. It fits like a glove and as Aisling has been telling me for god knows how long, you really do see the quality when you spend those extra pennies. I'll definitely be saving up my coins for another Hobbs dress. I think this may be the start of something beautiful...

This dress is going to get it's debut at Newmarket Ladies Day. I do love a day at the races! I've got a hot pink pillbox hat to match the heart on my shoes. If anyone has seen any hot pink clutches hit me up as i'm on the hunt for one to match!

Do you own anything from Hobbs?


  1. Looks beautiful! Have a look at Acessorize x

  2. Love it! It's so elegant and timeless but the cutout makes it more interesting. Lucky you! I'm still waiting for that well paid job too :) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua Italy

  3. Love that dress. I love my VW shoes too :)
    Glossy Boutique

  4. Oh Sophie, this is so elegant! What a beautiful young lady you are in this outfit, from the simple yet classy dress to those covetable shoes (which I have been lusting after for literally years now and still haven't taken the plunge!). I can indeed see this working well with hot pink accessories, I hope you find a nice clutch.

    I own a few things from Hobbs, it's 'normal' prices are out of my budget to be honest, but anytime there's a sale I will have a rummage! I have a lovely pair of red shoes and a silk greyhound print dress from there, and they are indeed quality items.

    P x

  5. These shoes are so amazing, they're on my wishlist for the longest of time! :) You look so pretty Sophie, like a true lady! X


  6. Those shoes are fabulous!

    I love Hobbs - that dress looks lovely on you. I had my eye on a pink trenchcoat in the Hobbs sale but it disappeared :( So much regret that I didn't snap it up earlier.

    Saskia / girlinbrogues.com

  7. this is the most gorgeous dress and so you! x

  8. Aaah this dress is so lovely! Looks fab with the Vivs too!

  9. I have just one dress from Hobbs which I picked up in the sale yonks ago and no longer fits me - I never wore it. I love this one and have to admit, I often forget to look at the website to see what they have, but I'm not surprised that their things are fab quality!

  10. You look like a perfect little delight here Sophie - and I'm pretty sure you're forever getting slimmer (tell me your secret gal!). It's definitely true also, the more you pay the better the quality.. But sometimes Primark just gets the better of us! x

  11. I love love love Hobbs, they are one of my favourite brands to wear! You look absolutely beautiful here and so elegant!

    Maria xxx

  12. Love this dress, the colour is so pretty! x

  13. Hobbs is definitely a lust brand for me, even these days! You chose perfectly, this style will see you through. Lovely! Xx

  14. love your look
    very pretty, you are welcome to visit my fashion blog
    Irena D


  15. You look lovely. I too very much imagined I'd live a grown up life but unfortunately the other week I ended up sticking my trouser hem up on the inside with silver gaffer tape as I couldn't find the iron on hem stuff. Not grown up or put together at all.

  16. So gorgeous! I just adore your dress, it's perfect <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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