NYC Part Two

During the second part of the week we braved a visit over to Bronx Zoo. Despite the reputation you hear we made it out alive! The zoo was a bit of a disappointment and despite the good reviews we'd read it really wasn't that good at all. It was just so large which isn't a bad thing but it seemed to have a serious lack of animals. London Zoo may be ridiculously overpriced but it's 10 times better. Leave the zoo in the guide books if you visit NYC guys!

We also decided to rent bikes and cycle around Central Park. Got to admit I was bullied into this as I was not keen at all but I'm so glad we did it. I really recommend it. You see so much and we did the six miles perimeter in around 2 hours. It hurt like hell but we got to see everything! Of course we refuelled in Hooters after as you do.  We did the majority of our shopping in the last few days. Boy did we shop till we dropped! I was a bit underwhelmed by Macys, I thought Bloomingdales was top notch. A way to comp[are is to say Macys is Debenhams and Bloomingdales would be Selfridges. The service was just so much better in the latter and it was spotless. Just a much nicer shopping experience!

We also visited the Top of the Rock at night. It was absolutely pouring down and unfortunately we couldn't go outside so I didn't get very good pictures. But the view was gorgeous, it was particularly nice to see the Empire State all lit up. Such a beauty! I think I preferred seeing the city at night with all the twinkly lights showing off. I had the most bizarre experience in Time Square that night. We were walking back from dinner in the rain and then all of a sudden it started snowing! SNOWING! We had gotten sunburnt the day before in the park. It was madness! I've got to admit the city's a lot better in the sun!


  1. Lovely shots!,uk

  2. ah I'm loving these posts! I'd recommend the central park zoo if you ever go back - it's only small but it's just the right size for a little bit of animal fun on a sunny day! I totally agree about Macy's, I was disappointed too but still haven't made it to Bloomingdales! 100% agree about the weather too - it's an amazing experience in the snow but so much more relaxed when the suns out. Did you eat anywhere interesting? You're making me want to go back :(

    Christy x
    another weekend without make-up

    1. Ate so much good food! I have a post coming up :)

  3. Beautiful pictures Sophie, I really want to go back! xx


  4. Ahh I really want to go to New York! Can't wait to see your food pics! :D

    Maria xxx

  5. Haha, what you want from a zoo is definitely the animals! Stick to London eh, though if you ever go to Barcelona that has an AMAZING zoo! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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