Review: Fleet River Bakery

Tucked away behind Holborn station just off Lincoln Inn Fields, sits the Fleet River Bakery. It's a welcome change from the endless chain coffee shops that scatter the streets. It's always got a queue around the block so I'd recommend taking lunch a little earlier so you beat the rush. Don't make the same mistake as me and go around 3pm as you'll miss out on the goats cheese sandwich. I've heard wonderful things!

The delicious looking food is all on display so you can have a good mooch around before you make your decision. It's the perfect place to settle down for an hour and catch up on your favourite book. You don't feel rushed by the staff to scoff your food down and it's full of sharing tables so it feels a little cosy. I'd pick up the cutlery and napkins at the counter as you won't find any on the tables. It's a lovely little gem hidden away from the hustle and bustle.

I opted for a tasty pesto, brie, tomato and basil ciabatta with a generous slice of carrot cake to finish. To be fair the portions for so huge I could have done with one or the other but you know a Friday is always a pretty special day. I'd love to go back and sample the hot food.

Do you have any recommendations for independent coffee shops in London?


  1. ooooh I would love a slice of that cake on my tea break right now xx

  2. I went here and wasn't so keen- the staff hadn't cleared any of the tables so they were full of dirty dishes and the slice of cake I got wasn't very generous! But I would deffo recommend Foxcroft and Ginger on Berwick Street, Soho, and also Nordic Bakery behind Marylebone High Street :)

  3. I used to go here for afternoon coffees when I was at uni - such a cute little place. x

  4. Looks like a lovely place. I will most definitely pay it a visit next time I am in the area!


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