I'm a fire and I'll burn burn burn tonight

Faux fur collarless leopard print coat - Next (similar)
Cream long sleeved sheer crochet trimmed blouse - Asos via Leather Lane Market (similar)
Faux leather midi skirt - c/o Pretty little Thing (similar)
Cream and black court shoes - Primark (similar)

So I've been commuting to Colchester for a week and my body is slowly getting used to the nearly 5 hour daily journey. I'm having to be very strict at having early nights during the week. My kindle is going to become my best friend! Colchester is actually a very pretty and quaint town, it dates back to the Roman times don't you know? It's a lot quieter than London and my bank account is very happy at not having to spend nearly £8 on lunch. I love you Pret but you skint me! It's very nice having a brand new office to work in, it's very swish! I'm looking forward to the Christmas break though to recharge my batteries and to catch up with friends. The longer commute means I've become a bit of a recluse during the week. Not good for my social life.

This time next week it'll be Boxing Day and all these Christmas presents will be handed out! Just where does the year go?


  1. I am going to catch up on so much sleep over Christmas, I've only been working full time a month haha. You look so lovely, a complete beauty. :-)

  2. Enjoy your Christmas break and recharge your batteries, sound alike you need it. Lots of beautiful wrapped gifts under your tree, appears santa has been very busy at yours.

    X x

  3. Totally loving that skirt lady xo

  4. Looking lovely hun,! I definitely need to recharge over Christmas. Sleep, what's that again?!

  5. I'm so glad you're beginning to get used to your commute, I hope you have a really relaxing Christmas break - it sounds like you really deserve it! I really love your skirt, it's perfect. I can't believe Christmas and this year is almost over, crazy!!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  6. First, let's state the obvious… YOU LOOK STUNNING! Secondly, how many presents do you buy? I thought we did things big in my family but look at that? It looks like you're swimming in presents? Hahaha!

    - Elodie x


  7. Love this skirt! I dread to think how much money I spend on workday lunches...x

  8. what a pretty outfit! you look so very pretty!

  9. Pretty outfit Sophie and the shoes are super! You're commuting to Colchester? Wow! Where from? My husband spent almost a year commuting from Brentwood to Brightlingsea which is further in than Colchester and he really struggled with it! Hope you have a lovely Christmas! X

  10. ...and what a mountain of presents!


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