This week i'm loving: Barry M Matte Nail Polishes

Barry M Espresso and Mocha c/o

Nail polish is my vice. It's my favourite type of make up to buy and it's slightly embarrassing to admit how many bottles I own. Barry M is one of my favourite brands for budget polish. They're always at the forefront of trends and constantly bring out new collections and colours. The price point is amazing and I always find the wear to be quite long lasting. Plus the fact they're often on offer is a winner.

I must admit black isn't normally a colour I opt for but was pleasantly surprised. The matte finish makes it look sophisticated and ties nicely in with the monochrome theme that rears it's head every a/w. I think the matte finish helps to stop it from looking too harsh. It is a tad streaky after the first coat so I'd recommend a second coat to make it on the opaque side. It dries pretty quickly which is always a plus. Anyone get frustrated when they paint their nails for a night out and by the time they get in the taxi it's smudged all over the place?!

I love a good nude on my nails. I always think it looks so classy and perfect for a special occasion. This shade is my favourite out of the two. Once again the first coat does come out streaky so a second coat is a must but as it does dry quickly it isn't a hardship. The polish goes on nice and smoothly without any bubbles. There is nothing worse than lumpy polish! I'm looking forward to treating myself to the other colours in the range

The polishes hit Superdrug on 25th September so write that date in your diary!


  1. I love Barry M polishes, I've never tried a matte one before - I love the nude one too. x

  2. Barry M polishes are my favourite and i'm yet to try a matte one, but these looks great! Loving them both! x

  3. Really like matte nailpolish with dark polish :)

    Nice blog :) Definitely following you. Do you want to follow each other?


  4. When I saw they were bringing out a matte range I was worried the finish would look a bit off, but these look great. I agree with you on the black shade, the matte makes it feel much more sophisticated :)
    And don't be ashamed of having a nail polish addiction, I do too! xoxo

  5. I love Barry M nail vanishes too. Im thinking the black will be good for Halloween xxx

  6. Trim weak nails after a shower, or a brief hand absorb shower oil, and afterward apply a cream. dip powder brands


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