Burger Afternoon Tea at BRGR.CO

BRGR.CO had been on my list of burger joints to visit for a fair few months so when the word on the grapevine was they were starting to offer burger afternoon tea, the blogger buds and I booked ourselves in. Using the excuse of Sarah's birthday, we arrived last Saturday with high expectations. Unfortunately we (Sarah, Hannah, Elodie, Lily and Aislingleft highly disappointed.

Having arrived at 3pm it took us half an hour to get our much needed glass of prosecco and iced tea - even then we had to flag the waiter down to recieve them. After listening to our bellies grumbling for an hour and 15 minutes we finally had our burger afternoon tea put in front off us. Again after asking twice where our food was. Considering we had already pre-booked, this was appalling. They knew exactly how many people were coming and the fact that it was busy shouldn't have made a difference. After we complained we were given a complimentary bottle of prosecco, while it was a nice touch I would have preferred money off our bill as three of our party didn't actually drink. 

The food itself was good if not a little lukewarm. The dessert was the best part - I could eat a million and one of those mini doughnuts. I did think they could have been a bit more meat in the sliders especially the chicken. The beef burger was a little dry but I really enjoyed the lobster slider as it made a nice change. The avocado was a nice touch. I would have preferred there to be a better ratio of meat to the bun. The chips were a good size portion and were pretty fluffy on the inside which is always a good thing. 

I won't be rushing back to BRGR.CO anytime in the future which is a shame as the regular menu did look tasty. I'd rather spend my money somewhere where I feel a bit more valued as a customer. 

I'm actually guest posting over at Sarah's blog today while she swans off on holiday. Check it out if you're interested in an immense carrot cake recipe. You'll struggle not to eat the whole loaf! 


  1. It's a shame your experience wasnt the best! I hate it when that happens! I think I would have got up and left if i was waiting that long for food!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  2. Nothing worse than when your expectations aren't met at all :( xx

  3. That's such a shame it wasn't a great experience. I definitely think they should have asked about the prosecco too! Maybe give an option of money off the bill or prosecco?! Hmm.. Plenty more burger places to try though!



  4. this looks so good and burger afternoon tea is such a cute idea, its just a shame about the service :( x

  5. I hate it when this happens, especially when it is for a special occasions!

    Maria xxx

  6. Oh Sophie, I'm sad you didn't enjoy it and I'm equally sad I missed out on fun times with you all! Aisling and I love going to BRGR for a cheeky lunch, gutted it didn't match up to expectations this time xx


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