This week i'm loving: High waisted bikinis

Orange frill high waisted bikini - Asos
Pinky red gingham high waisted bikini - Asos

As you read this i'll be sunning myself in 28 degree weather on holiday in Turkey. God this holiday was well needed this year! I've taken these two beauties along with me. The orange one I brought last week and the gingham one was a purchase from last year. I think the orange - so much more neon in real life -  one is for posing only as it doesn't feel too secure on! Flashing everyone in the pool is not on my agenda. I absolutely adore this retro style. My boyfriend thinks the bottoms look like a nappy but I love how it all sucks me in and makes me feel much more confident by the pool. My dreaded love handles suddenly vanish! Plus I like to pretend i'm a 50s siren in Cannes. Who doesn't?

Have you given into the high waisted trend?


  1. I love the high waisted style so much more flattering although I think been a short arse they make me look sorter.......if that's even possible xxx

  2. I totally can't pull off high waisted bottoms, wah! I bet these look awesome on you! x

  3. I'm a huge fan of a high waist too Sophie! Love these!

  4. I loveee the orange one!

    Julia x

  5. Your BF's nappy comment made me laugh and i think a lot of guys think that but I love the high waisted trend and I hope you're having a great holiday. I love the bikini's you featured. Following you now. Nice blog & pics

    xoxo from San Francisco

  6. I love retro 50's trends, so classy!
    Although I have yet to try on a high-waisted bikini.
    Thanks for your comment dear.
    I am following you, totally related to your "living above your means"
    blog title because icantaffordmylifestyle. hahha.


  7. love these style of bikini's, proper bridget jones pants lol. hope you're having a lovely time in turkey and ignoring all nappy comments from connor

  8. These both look lovely. So envious of your holiday! Unfortunately I have a really short body so high waisted bikinis do nothing for me but I do love the retro look! x

  9. Oh I love the look of the gingham one, but I don't think I'd ever be brave enough for a bikini, flattering high waist or otherwise :(

  10. SO JEALOUS of your hollibobs Sophie, you lucky thing! Love these swimsuits, more is definitely better when it comes to clothing on the beach haha! I might get a 50s swimsuit this year too, I never EVER bare my tum the rest of the year so it's so weird doing it for a week at a time haha! ♥ Claire at Jazzpad

  11. I LOVE a good high waisted bikini, ASOS always come up trumps! I'm very jealous of your holiday, hope yo have fun :)

    Maria xxx

  12. Hope you're having a wonderful time on your holiday! I love how glamorous the trend is and that gingham print looks so fun!

    Florrie x

  13. I love the orange ones, such a lovely colour & like the frills. Hope your having a fab time in Turkey, very jealous!!

  14. Hope you have a great vacation! Absolutely love those suits, high waists are so flattering and definitely the style right now.

  15. Ooh these are so cute and retro!

  16. Love the polka dot one! Cute!


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