I can see clearly now

Although I don't tend to wear glasses on my blog - I have such a hard time taking photograph without having something reflecting off in all sorts of directions - I am quite simply as blind as a bat. This old school picture may help brighten up a dull evening!

I remember bawling my eyes out when I was told at the age of seven I'd have to wear glasses and by the tender age of 11 I was informed i'd have to wear them full time because i'd grown too lazy at taking them off between classes. Now I don't mind wearing glasses at all and quite enjoying picking out which ones to wear everyday - you tend to build up quite a collection over the years! But I often wonder what it would be like to wake up in the morning and actually be able to see without scrambling around for some specs. This is where eye surgery comes into play. It's something I've often thought about but truth be told I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to procedures. It's so important to find a reputable company as your eyes play such an important role in everyday life. 

In my opinion it's best to pick the experts so make sure you do plenty of research before you take the plunge. Optical Express could be your first port of call - there's even a test you can take online to see if you're suitable!

Have you ever considered laser eye surgery? Or have any of you even had it? 

P.S thankfully I grew out of big hoop earrings, a Croydon face lift and metal frames. No fringe has never been a good look for me. Who knew this 14 year old girl might one day be a fashion blogger  eh?!

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  1. I would have never guessed that was you! I've always worn glasses, i like them as an accessory and they don't bother me enough to get surgery xxx

  2. Nothing wrong with a Croydon facelift Sophie! Lol! You look so cute! xx

  3. You look different with glasses on, but i guess it's the same as when I take my glasses off and people say i don't look like "me"! It's weird how different specs can make us! My eye sight is terrible! x

  4. Lovely post, please have a look at my blog x


    A. x


  5. I have to say, I prefer your hair now ;)

    Maria xxx

  6. you look so lovely! it's great hearing that you don't need to wear glasses anymore!

  7. My dad got laser eye surgery a couple of years ago now and it went really well! I think he got it done with Optical Express. People really could consider it if they hate wearing glasses, it makes such a big difference!


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