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Camo jacket - Topshop
Grey oversize t-shirt - Asos
Demin boyfriend fit jeans - New Look
White plimsols - Vans

This isn't the most flattering outfit I've ever worn but it's certainly one of the most comfortable ones. I brought these jeans after reading far too many American blogs. They seem to look so effortless wearing just jeans and a t-shirt with heels. I don't think i'm quite pulling it off but might try them out again with a snazzier t-shirt and a pair of heeled sandals. Just a shame we've not got the weather for it yet!

I wore this over the weekend for a lovely day of father daughter bonding while my mother abandoned us. My dad and I took a trip to the local greasy spoon for some much needed fuel before heading out for a little road trip to an antiques place. There was rows and rows of tiny little shacks and barns filled to the brim with nick naks. My idea of heaven! It was fun to find stuff i've already got at home to see how much it was worth. Nothings more satisfying than seeing something you paid pennies for at a bootsale selling for £25. I'm getting quite a good eye it seems. With it being so close to payday I didn't buy a single thing, but I now know what to keep my beady eye out for!

How did you spend your weekend?


  1. Perfect outfit for a family spent day! I had a weekend full of family too, it was perfect :) xx

  2. Love this outfit. Sounds like a lovely day with your dad! x

  3. lovely jacket!

  4. I like jeans with turn ups and it looks like a lovely comfy outfit for bargain-hunting!

  5. Looks like the perfect Sunday outfit! I know what you mean about American bloggers and jeans. I've been striving to achieve the look myself. Let me tell you, it's probably never going to happen!

    -Elodie x

  6. You look SO cute all casual, proper suits you! Love those jeans, I'm such a sucker for turnups! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  7. I love your jeans, you definitely have the legs for them!

    Maria xxx


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