Bills - A restaurant review

A good few weeks ago now I took my mum along to Singin' In The Rain - amazing show! - and out for dinner as a very late Christmas present. After visiting Bills in Covent Graden with Hannah on my birthday night, I knew it would be right up my mums street. Full of traditional English food, it's the perfect place to fill up your rumbling tummies. The portions are a fair size which is always a plus - nothing like going out for a nice meal and having to visit Macdonalds on the way home because you're still hungry. Hope it's not only me that does that sometimes! With every set of table and chairs different and cute little tealights smothering the tables, it feels like you're in someone's house. It's lovely and cosy with friendly staff. Our waiter suggested the doughnuts in the top picture and let me tell you, they went down a treat! If something really does tickle your fancy, there's always the possibility of taking it home with you as everything you sample can be brought. Cool huh?

Have you ever been to Bills?


  1. Mm, it looks so good there! xx

  2. oooh they have one of these in Cardiff, will have to check it out xx

  3. Bills is definitely on my restaurants list! The mini donuts look so good. x

  4. Looks interesting, I shall have to look at whether they cater for allergies :)

  5. I've never been but it looks so cute! I love how your first picture is of dessert - NOM.


  6. I've lived in London all my life and still never been! Need to rectify this!xx

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  8. Bill's always looks so good, I wish there was one a bit closer to me! Need to hunt one out next time I'm in London. Those doughnuts look phenomenal xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  9. love your blog!! wanna follow each other?? kiises ♥♥


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