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White silky t-shirt: c/o Ellos
Blue and white floral trousers - Next
Navy suede block heels - Barratts
Gold coloured cuff: Random shop in Brick Lane
Pastel floral necklace: Random shop in Brick Lane
Statement floral gold coloured earrings: Topshop

Jumping on the patterned trouser bandwagon again. I've actually had these since March - £16 in the Next mid-season sale - but only just gotten around to wearing them. I debated on whether to wear them to work but decided they needed a few outings in my spare time. Anyone else hate wearing their favourite things to work first? I feel once I wear them to work I can't wear them in my everyday life. I paired it with my Ellos t-shirt - told you it would have multipe wears - for a night out on the town my my favourite girls.  I got far too greedy and ended up suffering big time all weekend. Seriously am I that old now that my hangovers last for two days?! It didn't put me off that much as i'm now raring for another night out as I don't seem to do it much anymore. The perks of being a grown up I suppose. Luckily it's the boyfriends birthday at the weekend so we all have another excuse to go to the pub.

Busy week ahead thanks to the boyfriends birthday. I've got three cakes to bake and i've got to do a manic rush to Oxford Street to buy lots of lovely presents. Going to see the Olympic torch on Saturday in my town which the geek in me is very excited about, followed by a trip to my friends school fate. I still struggle with the fact one of my close friends is a school teacher - I don't feel old enough! I love it when weeks are fully packed.


  1. you look great in these floral trousers!
    Ah the two-day hangover, it's not all that fun getting old, haha!

  2. These trousers are lush! I know what you mean though, it's always more fun debuting something on a night out :) Yup my hangovers last ages now too! xo

  3. Ah I wish I was brave enough to carry off the patterned trouser! They look lovely on you! x

  4. I feel your 2 day hangover pain - I'm sure the second day is worse too, gone are the days of being 18 and invincible!! The trousers look lovely on you, totally agree about wearing fave stuff to work, I almost envy my other half only wearing suits to work!x

  5. those trousers look SO amazing on you xo

  6. These trousers really suit you! I'm still unsure about patterned trousers on myself - they'd be something I'd buy and then not be bold enough to wear in public! So I think I'll just admire other people's for now. x

  7. Love the patterned trousers Sophie! I know what you mean, I buy something I really like but then don't want to waste it wearing it to work! Ooh 3 cakes sounds good :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  8. Love these trousers on you. I try to wear my new buys to a specific event before I put them into the working side of the wardrobe! It's great finding things that look good for work and play! x

  9. Those trousers are fab on you, they make your legs look so long. Love them! x

  10. oooh I would love yo wear this shopping with a blazer and big handbag. Very nice!
    I saw the torch in Cardiff, nice afternoon :) xx

  11. These trousers are gorgeous, they really suit you!

    I'd love to have seen the olympic torch! And yeah i'd struggle with my friend being a teacher too, it only seems like yesterday we were taking the mick out of our own teachers - aw!

    S xx


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