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As we're looking to book our holiday this week - two weeks all-inclusive in Bulgaria - i'm going full blown ahead with holiday planning. To be fair I have got rather a lot of clothes and can make do with what i've already got but where's the fun in that! This is what i'm planing to save up for with all my eBay money so I guess I better get selling eh?

001. I have been meaning to get a demin jacket for the past two summers. They just seem to easy to throw on over pretty dresses and a lot less harsh than a leather jacket. I think this year might be the year I actually buy one.

002. This Asos dress sun is actually a bit of a cheat as I ordered this a few days ago.  I was debating between this and the white one but then decided beens I usually miss my mouth when I eat, white would be useless. I'm hoping this comes before Sunday so I can wear it out for my boyfriend's birthday meal.

003. I've decided I need one more bikini and then i'm romeo done. I chucked a fair few of mine away after last year so am running a little low. I'm the person that takes eight bikinis for a seven day holiday - don't judge! I adore the print and the retro style of this bikini.

004. I spotted this dress in Look magazine and have been keeping my beady eye out for it ever since. It just looks like it has my name written all over it. I do think it's a tad overpriced for H&M at £34.99 as it's only a cotton dress. But look at the pretty neckline?

005. TOMS are another thing i've been meaning to buy myself for the past two summers but for some reason I just never have gotten around to it. I think I got distracted by pretty dresses... These ones are a little bit more exciting than the plain ones and navy seems to be a colour that goes with most things.


  1. the h&m dress is a good price. They cost about £30 on ebay and only really come in red or black. Have to get a net underneath though! big and swooshy then :)
    Bulgaria sounds amazing! I've never been xx

  2. That H&M dress is lovely!

    Maria xxx

  3. I love the two blue dresses you chose - so pretty! The shape of the H&M one especially! Have a fab holiday!


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