Leopard print midi dress: Topshop
Black long sleeved cardigan: Primark
Thick black tights: Primark
Black heeled leather ankle boots: Topshop
Black short shaggy faux fur coat: Primark
Red plastic watch: Toywatch
Black glitzy statement ring: Primark

My birthday dresses seem to be doing the rounds, only have one more to show you after this! I absolutely love this dress, I have to stop myself from wearing it everyday. It so comfy but yet looks like you've made an effort. These boots are another Topshop purchase that never seem to be off my feet. I splashed out on them with my Christmas money although I still nearly had an heart attack when I had to hand over £70+. But they are without a doubt the best thing i've ever "invested" in, I can see myself still wearing them next winter and hopefully the winter after. Even if they did cause me to fall down the stairs in M&M world in front of a million tourists. Oh the shame...

Off to The Only Way is Blogging (TOWIB) today, little bit nervous to be honest. I am really looking forward to mingling though, always nice to meet people who share the same interests and everyone so far i've met has been absolutely lovely! If you're going tweet me and don't be afraid to come say hello! I don't bite! I tend to stare at people rather than approach them because i'm too shy so if you see a werido it's more than likely to be me! Catch me on twitter @sophiesophuk


  1. oooh fab dress, loving your fur coat, it seems to look great with everything!

  2. enjoy towib, dress is gorgeous!! x

  3. I loveee that dress! I want it so much. You look gorgeous! Aw, I always fall over in anything other than flats!
    Have fun at the TOWIB event, wish I was going!
    Rebecca x

  4. That dress looks amazing on you, hope you have fun at TOWIB. Ive tagged you over on my blog if you fancy having a little look :) x x

  5. Looking lovely, the dress looks gorge! Hehe I've fallen over in very public places too, it's quite the humiliation. I saw on Twitter than TOWIB was a bit too much about money making? I'm not into blogging for those sorts of reason either! xx

  6. Love the dress, it's been on my wishlist for ages!

    XO, Catherine.

  7. Looking FYYYYYYYYNE in the pictures and EVEN HOTTER in real life! YES.
    Adored the dress on you!
    SUPER lovely to meet you today, let's hope this is just the beginning ;-) xx

  8. Have a super time at TOWIB - I am well jel!

  9. i bloody love this dress and the leopard print is perfect with the fur. gutted i missed out on TOWIB :( x

  10. Such a gorgeous outfit! X

  11. Did you have fun? Pretty dress hun!! xx

    1. Yeah I did, was lovely finally meeting other bloggers but the actually event was not what I thought it would be. Didn't realise it was about making money, not really interested in that to be honest!

  12. You look lovely, I'm not surprised you want to keep wearing that dress, it's fab. x

  13. That dress is gorgeous! I love the mix of leopard print with a more conservative length and style of dress - it's just perfect!

  14. I love that dress on you, I'm too short to wear long :(

    I have also wanted those boots for ages but no funds.

    Hope you enjoyed the event xx

  15. I just bought this dress the other day! It looks beautiful on you xx

  16. Love the jacket!!

    - http://www.prettyradicaldude.com/

  17. I've been eyeing up this dress for ages! You look lovely in it and it looks fab paired with the faux fur. xx

  18. Adorable outfit m'dear, hope you had fun at your event! z

  19. I love the leopard dress! Hope you had a great time at TOWIB! :)

    Caroline x

  20. How cute do you look in that dress! Love it. Was the event good? So gutted I found out for def that I can't come in March :( Anyway, it's time to start counting down to my London move and a meet-up! xx

  21. Great outfit! Love the leopard print with the fur! x


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