Love is in the air

With Valentines Day just around the corner (seriously how is it February already, the years going far too quick!) the lovely people at Motel Rocks are holding a special flash discount to celebrate. Like we all need an excuse to buy something new eh? Simply enter the code LOVE20 at the checkout and you'll bag yourself 20% off. Amazing! Best hurry up as it runs out on the 14th!
They have some very pretty things in their Valentines section. How amazing is this underwear set? The print is amazing and I love that it's just so retro - right up my street! They have some really lovely dresses and playsuits that will be perfect for whenever not just for Feb 41th. I'm just a bit gutted that i'm skint as I have my eye on quite a few things!
Let me know if you buy anything!


  1. Love it! Done a post on Motel just the other day too! Followed from one Sophie to another ;)

    Sophh Elizabeth

    1. Nope wait I lied. I meant rare. Dammnit.

    2. Aww thanks lovely! Motel always has such lovely things eh?

  2. love the undies set! I'm not a huge fan of valentines :( xo

  3. Oooh loving these! There are such great style options out these for Valentine's this year thanks for the pink/red trend!

  4. I really want to get that underwear set. I've never really noticed Motel before but it seems to be everywhere at the moment!


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