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Rust midi dress: Topshop
Rust faux suede chunky heels: Dorothy Perkins
Orange clutch bag: Dorothy Perkins

I finally graduated on Wednesday! Officially an adult even if I don't feel like it! My mum got over excited when taking pictures and managed to drop my camera and break it hence the terrible iPhone quality picture. A Warner family day out is never drama free! The boyfriend is going to hunt down a card reader so hopefully I can have some graduation pictures to show off to you soon!

I originally brought a very expensive navy assemble from Monsoon back in January unfortunately I have been rather food happy recently and it ripped when my large behind got near it. It was a tragic moment. Thankfully it is now fixed at the dry cleaners and it is now my aim to fit in to it for New Years Year. I had to panic buy this outfit a week before and I must say I am rather in love with it. I just feel like it is so "me". It is being earmarked for my boyfriends work Christmas party. Just to clarify those are not rolls in the dress rather creases. Honest I promise!

I had such a lovely day but will go into more details once I get the pictures off my camera.

I have also just signed up to Bloglovin as Claire kindly let me know I had 11 followers on there. I would be ever so grateful you take a little time out and follow me :) Thanks guys!


  1. Congratulations on your graduation.
    What a gorgeous dress Sophie, the colour really suits you too! x

  2. Love the dress, the colour really suits you! Looking forward to seeing more pics of the graduation :) xo

  3. what a lovely dress! congrats on graduating :)


  4. Congratulations on graduating! It really is a lovely colour on you! x

  5. The dress really suits you, it's a gorgeous colour! Congrats on graduating, sad about your camera breaking :(

  6. You look amazing Sophie, congrats on graduating!! xxx

  7. Congratu-freaking-lations on graduation!

    I feel like you need more balanec with the outfit . . . perhaps a bracelet or necklace to compliement the orange-nousity?

  8. Congratulations

    Shame about the camera, I do love that colour on you it looks gorgeous xx

  9. Congratulations! The dress is lovely, that colour suits your pretty colouring a treat. x

  10. Congratulations on graduating! That dress is so beautiful, and you look wonderful in it.
    Best of luck for your new adventures as a graduate, can't wait to hear about what you get up to!

  11. Yaay, congratulations!! You look stunning too, that burnt orange colour suits you so well :) x

  12. Firstly congratulations and well done.

    Secondly a lovely dress. Stunning colour to.

    X x

  13. This color pops like WHOA on you. It really complements your skin tone and hair.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. Well done on graduating! Love the dress and shoes, sooooo divine and graduation worthy! Also major hair envy (worsened by the fact I just had a terrible fight with my heat rollers before I am about to leave for the pub) Oh and dont worry about the Monsoon ensamble, what your wearing is totes lush and now you dont have to worry about what to wear at new years eve :) xxx

  15. Congratulations :). The dress looks fab on you xx

  16. Congratulations! I love the dress so much. I really wanted it myself but it was a little too expensive for me :(

  17. Woo! High five, and congratulations. I'm sorry to hear about your camera though!

    Oh! And this dress is GORGEOUS!

    xoxo mama wolf.

  18. congratulations! shame about your original outfit but this dress is really pretty anyway :) x

  19. You dont look like youve been food happy, you lok amazing and I loveyour dress! Happy Graduation:)

    Aesthetic Lounge


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