Middle ground

Topshop floral midi dress - £50

Parrot palm midi dress - £70

Wallpaper ombre midi shirt dress - £80

My love affair with midi dresses is still going full steam ahead. I felt strangely exposed when I wore my leather shorts out at the weekend. I felt like my bum should have been a bit more covered. Could it be at the age of 22 that I now need to cover up a bit more? Am I getting old?

001. I actually have this dress just in a different colour. Rust, if anyone is wondering. It will be my graduation dress on Wednesday. I love this and feel the urge to make it mine, it is such a lovely fit and who doesn't love some florals.

002. It was the unusual neckline that drew me to this dress. Followed by the lovely print. I think this would work really well with thick tights and heeled ankle boots. I wonder if it is as nice in real life?

003. This dress excites me and disgusts me at the same time. It is really quite ugly with all the clashing colours but yet so pretty at the same time. I love the pussy bow; they are always winners in my eyes. The price is not so much of a winner.


  1. I love a floral print even in winter! the topshop dress is gorgeous xxx

  2. Love the first dress <3.

    Sadie xx

  3. ohhh gorgeous dresses! be sure to share your graduation photos, too! congratulations!

    Annah xx

  4. I love the first dress, and so excited this is for your Graduation! I won't say take lots of pictures, because I'm pretty sure you would anyway!
    I find these dresses so beautiful and feminine, but I can never actually wear them with my short legs. It makes me look like a hippy (and sadly that's not my look!)
    But I bet you'll look gorgeous in the first one! x

  5. I really like that first dress, lovely cut and gorgeous florals! x

  6. love the first one the best, but they're all a bit good! love the prints, they look vintage.


  7. I really couldn't pull off any of these dresses, sadly :( I love the colours of the parrot palm midi dress though :)

  8. I really love the first dress but I can't pull off midis at all - I'm not very tall so they'd probably look like maxi dresses on me! If Topshop want to do a shorter version of the first dress, that'd suit me just fine :)

  9. I do really like midi dresses and need to own one. The problem is that they are all £10-£20 more than I'd like to spend really :( Plus I think I'd have to wear heels and I'm not good with heels!

  10. I love the prints but I just don't like midi dresses. It's either so short it's indecent or sweeping the floor. Midi seems like a compromise. x

  11. I love the topshop one! Such a gorgeous, simple style :) Definitely know what you mean about the last one - I know I shouldn't like it, but something about those colours is so incredible x

  12. I love midi dresses, the first topshop one is a stunner!

  13. Love the first dress, the print is perfect! xx

  14. i love love love midi's at the moment be it skirts of dresses, love your picks



  15. LOL i'm feeling the need to cover up now I'm in my middle twenties but FEAR NOT your leather shorts looked fab.
    As do these dresses, I'm sure they'd all look great on you but the topshops' my fave and wins it's the cheapest!


  16. they are lovely, there's something so elegant about them! I'm kinda shunning the super short shorts too :p xx


    No you're not too old for leather shorts, you are but a slip of a thing! Sadly I probably am, despite being ID'd the other day...

  18. PS. Like the first two, not sure anyone could pull of the last one!

  19. You've picked up the prettiest dresses! Need to go browsing at Topshop now!

  20. Your blog is really good

    Take a look at mine here!


    LB x

  21. I love the look of midi dresses, although haven't been brave enough to try one yet. That first one is adorable, want!

  22. Actually in love with the first one!! x


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