Polka dots fill my eyes

Mustard and black polka dot dress: Dorothy Perkins
Black 3/4 length sleeved cardigan: Primark
Black tights: Primark
Black patent kitten heels: Primark
Black friendship bracelet: Links of London
Black ball earrings: Primark
Red nail varnish: OPI Thanks so muchness

I brought the dress in the sale ages ago, only cost me £17 and I got student discount on top of that! I had been saving it for an interview hence why I wore it today. Its a lovely dress although it catches the wind quite easily and I am sure many communters did not enjoy seeing my knickers haha!

Im a bit unsure about my interview went. They were all lovely but I got the feeling they were a bit put off about my writing experience. I have done so much work experience on newspapers and feature desks at magazines. But I worked on the lifestyle desk on one magazine and loved it. Although I do enjoy writing I think I want to get into the fashion styling side of the industry. Writing this blog has made me realise just how much I love clothes and that I want a career in fashion. Hopefully they will give me a chance fingers crossed! They said they would email me sometime next week.

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Sarah. I was very naughty and scoffed the sweets before I had a chance to photograph them! I get a bit excited when haribo is in the picture haha! Isn't the necklace lovely? I am so pleased and can't wait to wear it! Thanks so much Sarah, the sweets were such a nice surprise!
Sticking with the theme of a giveaway mine closes tonight! I will try and announce the winner before the day is out! Good luck everyone!

Hope everybody's week is going well?


  1. aw that's a really cute necklace. Good Luck with the job xx

  2. ahhh, your dress is gorgeous! xo

  3. very cute. Love the color, it's perfect ♥

  4. I LOVE that dress - it's basically just perfect in every way :)

    (Hope the interview results well btw)

    I also won one of Sarah's necklaces - & have a VERY similar photo (also minus the Haribo!) ready to appear in my next blog post!


  5. That dress looks stunning on you.

    Good luck hope the interview went well.

    X x

  6. you look so pretty, I adore your dress. Hope the interview reaps rewards :)

  7. You look really pretty, I love that dress. I'm sure the interview went really well, good luck with the job!! xx

  8. That dress looks lovely on you, and the necklace you won is so cute. I'm sure the interview went well, good luck! xx

  9. oh that necklace is so pretty! congrats on winning it :) xo

  10. You look lovely, will keep my fingers crossed for you x

  11. Lovely dress! The colour really suits you.

  12. Aah I'll keep my fingers crossed! If you were yourself and enthusiastic that's all you can hope for, I'm sure you came across wonderfully. Love the polkadots, got my eye on a spotty River Island one at the moment!
    jazzy ♥
    P.S. LOVE those snaps of you at Camden, you're such a cutie!

  13. Ahhhhh. It seems like everyone is wearing polka dots right now, and I am lovvinggggg ittttt. <33

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. love love love your dress, it really suits you :)


  15. That polka dot dress is major cute, looks fab on you. The colour really suits you! xx

  16. That dress looks lovely on you.

    Congratulations on the necklace, I love it, and good luck with the job - hope you it all works out for the best! x

  17. The dress looks great so fingers crossed for you, sounds like have plenty of experience :) Love the post title by the way, loooove that song! xx

  18. I absolutely love that dress!


  19. Best of luck with the interview... I hate how employers never think a person can to anything other than what they've already done. At the same time I'm jealous of all your writing experience, since that's what I would like to do ideally. Any tips on how I can get started? ; )

    P.S. The perfect polka-dot dress, classy and versatile.

  20. love that dress, you look great and what a great price you won



  21. beautiful dress! I love the color!!


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