Happy Birthday Dad!

Grey pleated maxi skirt: Primark
Blue and white knotted crop top: Primark
Collection of gold colour bangles: Varied from when my friend travelled round Asia and Accessorize
Gold coloured purse necklace: Primark
Red plastic watch: Toywatch
Nail varnish: Barry M Raspberry
Pink lipstick: Barry M

Two posts in two days, i'm getting better at this blogging lark haha!

Its my dads birthday today and we are off out for dinner later to the Toby. I think it may be my favourite place in the whole world! Here's an oldie of me and my dad :) Things parents do for the kids eh?
I had a little bit of spare money so I wandered into Primark to see what I could find with my money. I swear I never come away from that place empty handed. It's lethal in there. Anyway I have had my eye on this skirt for a little while, they do it in rust too but they didn't have my size so I settle for grey. I also brought a crop top. Yep a crop top. The white stripe is actually white lace. This is one trend I never thought in a million years I would ever get on board with. I don't think I will ever wear it with any flesh showing but I really like it worn with a high waisted skirt. Plus it was only a fiver! I really like this outfit, I think its going to be well worn over the summer. Its so comfy, I feel like I should be walking along a beach in Thailand bare foooted. I have the bare feet but alas no beach.

Not long till another bank holiday! What has everyone got planned for the Royal Wedding?


  1. Love the outfit, it's so gorgeous and summery :D also thumbs up for the pink nails and lippie, I highly approve! xx

  2. love this top hun!! and your orange dress in the post below is so pretty!! i want it! lol :) x

  3. OOO I need that skirt . I was in Primark the other day and I didnt see that . Hopefully they will get it in the one near me xx

  4. lovely skirt, you look really ready for the beach. Nevermind! I'm just hoping the weather is going to be nice for the weekend!

  5. aww happy birthday to your dad! and i love the maxi skirt - good old primark :) x

  6. Aw happy birthday to your dad! And I love your outfit, especially the skirt

  7. I have been meaning to tell you that I love your wallpaper!


  8. Happy Birthday, Sophie's Daddy!
    Lovely outfit and beautiful glossy hair. Hope you had fun. xxx

  9. I love that stripey cropped top, I was wondering what I could wear one with but a midi skirt will be perfect!
    I'm working tomorrow but I'm taking nice tea and bunting in to the staff room with me :) x

  10. Really like this outfit! Especially the maxi, beaut xo

  11. Love the pleated maxi! You look lovely and I really like the stripped shirt paired with the skirt. Tell your dad I said a big Happy Birthday!!!

  12. LOVE your skirt! I'm so bummed I don't get to watch the royal wedding :( I don't have tv

  13. aw yay happy bday to him! love the outfit x

  14. Love the skirt! I can;t leave that shop empty handed either, I'm starting to look like a walking Primark advert! Happy bday to your dad, hope you had a nice meal! xx

  15. LOVE your look oh so much! I'd wear it in a heartbeat! :)



  16. great skirt!

  17. I love that skirt, it's beautiful. There's an award for you on my blog. xxx

  18. Yay for extra money! Your top is well spent! And well styled - I love the skirt with it! And this photo of you and your dad is ADORABLE. Happy Birthday to him!

  19. You look beautiful, really beautiful! Happy Birthday to your Dad x

  20. great look.oh and your wallpaper is amazing..

  21. gorgeous skirt!!!

  22. love your outfit - going to get my butt to primark for that skirt :D




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