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5 glorious pounds lost, should have really been more but I have had a cold for the last week and been wallowing in self pity so have not be as strict on the food front as I should have! But still I am happy with 5 pounds in two weeks, next week Im going for it hardcore. Starting cycling again and determined to lose another 2 pounds, half a stone will do nicely!

I have brought a few things this month, not that I should have because I am actually skint. Although Im still going out tonight to see all the old favourites!
Anyway I went to lakeside last night, managed a bit of self control only spent 20 quid over my budget which aint bad I suppose.
First Purchase was a pair of brouges, wanted a pair for aggges for clearly not in the position to be able to spend £70 like Office want for a pair of shoes. Thats nearly half my monthly wage. But I found a white pair for 8 quid from Primarni! I love them, now I need a new set of summer dresses to wear them with! I also love how brown they make my legs look :)

This is my favourite purchase. I have no idea where and if I will use it but it was only £6 so what the hell! I love straw, it just screams summer to me and I get so excited when I used a straw bag because it means im on holiday. I love the pillar box red colour and think it goes really well with the nautical theme, I own quite a lot of navy. Its such a beaut! It aso has a chain handle which gets me everytime, I like to pretend I own a piece of Chanel.

I brought this lace shirt at the beginning of May I think, anyway Ive had it ages but been after a belt to help pull it in at the waist. I wanted one with a gold buckle so that I could pile up the trashy gold jewellery. Finally found one in Primark and, although it cant be seen in the picture, it is a chain belt. I love this outfit, in fact im wearing it tonight, but the mother isnt keen, said she thought it was an odd combination. Ive got it on with a black body and black body con skirt, I was going to add some spotty tights to it.

I went in Zara for the first time, ive always thought it was for a more older crown. But I loved it, could easier have spent at least £100 but alas I didnt have that much money. Its not as expensive as I thought it would be either. I brought this skirt on the understanding that because it was demin it would go with everything and be a sound investment but alas everything that I tried on with it looked shit! Ive worked out that only a white vest top goes with it so im going to invest in some different white tops. I want a bandeau white body and a topshop frilled rose print white vest top. I really liked the brouges with the skirt but got told it didnt go.

This is the dress I brought when I borrowed the £11. I still need to give that back actually, mental note to get it out tonight! Its a Dorothy Perkins dress but I got it out of choice. I think it looks really vintage and classic, it a really nice length. I dont like short things in bare legs, mine arnt the best to show off. Give me tights though and the shorter the possible. Tights must be the best invention. I want a cropped bleached demin jacket to wear over the top and a pair of white espadrilles. Next on the wish list I think.

Im still ummin and arring over this skirt. I really like it and it would be great for when I have work experience at the school but I think it makes me look huge. Everyone says it does not but im not sure because it is flarey it still out at my hips, my problem areas. I tried it on in my normal size but got told it looked too big so I got the size down but I dont know if this looks too small. I think I have the wrong top on in this picture, I needed to wear my body so I get a smooth line. I think the vest top is adding to the fatness. If only I was a skinny minnie! You can really see the colours in this image, they are a lot more vibrant.

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