Absolutely Gutted

I am so upset, I got my results back from Uni today for my second term. 1% off a first in Politics. 1%! I feel sick. I got a first in my exam and 2:1 in my essays. The mother says I should be proud blah blah. But I just think if i worked that little harder I would have got a first, although I made myself ill doing all the work I did anyway. I dont like getting second best I never have. Cant help but be a bit disapointed.

On the plus side I did get a first for my shorthand module. Dont ask me how, I bloody hate the subject. It is the bane of my life! I got a 2:1 for my photography module which really is a miricle considering that my photography teacher was useless and didnt really have a clue about what she was teaching us. People shouldnt take second jobs if they dont have the time to commit to them.

Overall sitting on a 2:1. Now the work begins to try and push it up to a first with my dissertation next year. I dont even know if thats possible but I hope it is. It would make my life if i graduated with a first from University.

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