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This is what I got this payday. The amount is tragic. Darn trying to save for a holiday and two parents deciding they needed to have a birthday just a week apart. At least I brought something though. But alas nothing from Topshop.

I finally relented and invested in some gladiator sandals. Im still not quite sure if they make me look like I have sausage legs. They have an ankle cuff so from Primark could make me too more chunkier than i actually am. Ive took the labels off anyway now so its not like I can take them back. Just have to wait till the summer to see if I actually wear them! They are lovely though, have a tribal thing going on which i love this season. Just need a maxi dress to wear them with.
Next item from Primark was a spotty top. I love this, I think that the statement shoulders add a little something to it. I was not too impressed though when the boyfriend told me I looked like an american footballer. What does he know? During the day it could add a little sparkle, make a dull outfit of skinny jeans and flats well not so dull anymore. It also wont look too try hard for a casual outfit. And it was only £6 cannot resist a bargain. Finally I brought a playsuit. I have been lusting over buying a playsuit for aggggges. Ive always been a bit worried about the dreaded camel toe appearing if I were to invest. But this one did not let me down. I love the print, its wintery enough that it can be worn in the winter with tights but because it is shorts it can also be worn in the summer. Good all rounder! It also looks a little vintage with the ditsy flowers and frill round the neckline, may have to invest in a brooch though its extremely low and would more than likely pop open should i be under the influence. I wore it out at the weekend and got lots of compliments! Good buy!

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