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Money. I can never seem to make this last! As soon as I get paid it goes, I suppose it is my fault that I cant bear to stay in and I like nice things but still managing to spend £400 in a week is pretty bad. Im in my holiday fund again, thats 50 quid I already owe and will probably go up, payday is not until the 26th. Ebay is being a drag, all the things I seem to have left no one seems to want to buy. I might have to have a serious rumage and see if I can bear to throw anything else out. My wardrobe is shocking as it is without me cutting it down even more. There is nothing I dont like in there.
I brought another lace item, its seriously becoming an issue. Everytime I go it im either clad in lace or floral. But its so pretty and looks so old fashioned! Its a cream long lace shirt, if i had the body of a supermodel I would wear it with leggings. But alas I dont. So im thinking of wearing it with black skinnies or my black body con skirt undone with a black body underneath. And it was the only one left in Primark, must have been a return, so it was obviously meant for me. I really could not pass the opportunity up.
Im back on weightwatchers, Im putting on weight like nobodys business. Everyting that I like just seems to look so terrible or even worse im struggling to even get it on. I have no one else to blame but myself really I just am eating too much and not exercise. Ive polished the bike and got the old weightwatchers books out. Im determined to lose a stone and a half before my holiday in September. I can do it, ive lost 3 stone in 4 months before, but I just need to get in the right mindset. Once ive been doing it for a week, im like a beast so so disiplined. But its just getting passed that first week. Why do i have to have a fat person dying to get out?
I also want to see Robin Hood. I dont care if everyone is slating it syaing it just another version of Gladiator. I love Russell Crowe in films like this, I think he plays these characters so well. And I love the story of Robin Hood, I really like the idea of someone stealing from the rich to give to the poor. What does the rich need all their money for? I might have to dip in the holiday fund for this film.

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