A catch up: October 2017

House news
I hope you're not bored of hearing about that house because I still have so much to talk about. It's now been nearly eight months since we had the keys and we're at the stage of being about to have sleepovers at the weekend. Can I get a hell yeah? HELL YEAH! The bedroom is done bar the floor which can't be done until we can afford to buy a new boiler next summer. Why are those darn things so expensive?! The kitchen is painted and the tiles are laid on the floor. Next the cupboards and the worktops are due to be fitted. Then we can order the fridge so we can actually keep food in the house. Revolutionary! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to have my very own Belfast sink. It will be glorious! Yes, I've now reached the age where I get excited over a sink. Is this what your late twenties are all about?

Learning to say no
This house business has been tough on my finances. In fact it's been something I have really struggled - and am still struggling - with. I like to go out with friends, stuff my fat face and update my wardrobe frequently. But my disposable income had dropped dramatically. I know it's all for a good cause but sometimes I can't help but feel a bit bitter and resentful towards the house. But then I visit and realise just how silly I'm being and how incredible it is to say that I'm a homeowner. I've been making a really conscious decision to scale things back. I'm only saying yes to doing things a couple of times a month, starting to clear through the sheer amount of junk I own to make some extra money and trying to spend more time locally rather than running off to London every chance I get. It's still very much a work in process. And very hard work.


OOTD: floral heels

Black cold shoulder ruffle dress: ASOS (similar)
Black and white pattern clutch: Primark (similar)
Floral embroidered heels: LOTD.com*

So here we are, in October again. I have to admit this really is my favourite time of year as cliché as it may sound. I'm not one for the heat and winter brings with it too much rain for my liking. But this season the weather is still pleasant, fresh with a slight bite in the air. It's warm enough to only have to wear a thin mac and the skies are still blue.

LOTD.com got in touch to see if I wanted to update my wardrobe and among the things they kindly gifted were these pretty heeled sandals. I love the detailing on the heels and they really help to jazz up a simple outfit. One of my favourite things about the colder weather is dipping back into my winter wardrobe. I last wore this dress to a wedding in Glasgow over the festive period last year and am glad to be giving it another outing.

This week is going to be taken pretty easy. I'm finally off to my friend's new baby tonight who has to be the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen. As someone who is a self-confessed baby hater (slightly OTT), I never thought I would be this excited over a newborn. But I suppose it's different one they're one of your squad. I can't wait to give her a big cuddle and teach her lots of bad habits. I'll also be helping Hannah celebrate her birthday with the rest of the crew. An evening of giggles and good food is just what is needed after feeling a bit under the weather.


Photo diary: A long weekend in Krakow

We first started our two week tour of Poland in the country's second city of Krakow. We spent four days in the city and it was a perfect amount of time - especially as we decided to squeeze in a trip to the Salt Mines and Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. It's a great city with plenty to keep you occupied, and thanks to it only being a few hours away from the UK,  it makes a great long weekend trip. One word of warning though. In August it is absolutely scorching! The heat at times was unbearable so be prepared for lots of cafe stops to refresh with an ice cold drinks.

We stayed in the Well Well aparthotel which was located just across the river from the castle. It was great value, did a decent buffet breakfast and the bed was comfortable. It's about a 15 minute walk to the castle but it was pretty straight forward and we didn't begrudge it any day we were there. To be honest, it was quite a pleasant walk. So what did we get up to?

We spent a lot of time hanging out in the Jewish Quarter. Enjoying delicious meals in the abundance of restaurants, sipping on cold beer in the quirky bars and soaking up the chilled local vibes in the winding roads. It's about a 15-20 minute walk from the old town. In the city centre we visited the gorgeous Krakow castle, St Mary's Basilica, the Main Square and the Cloth hall. Whilst we didn't enter any of the attractions, it was so lovely too see the landmarks up close.

As I mentioned above, we took trips out of the city to the Salt Mines and Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. The latter was an incredibly moving experience and something that I'm still thinking about, considering what is happening all over the world today. Growing up in Europe, WWII is something that is always at the forefront of your mind. You learn about it all throughout school, from grandparents - my grandad was an evacuee who left London for Devon as a small boy and my nan's family looked after a German PoW on their farm - and the holocaust is something that is frequently remembered. But nothing quite puts it into perspective than seeing first hand the horrors that were inflicted. Auschwitz-Birkenau sent chills down my spine and something that I will never ever forgot. Whilst it wasn't something I enjoyed, it was something that I am so pleased to have finally seen. I think it's a place that everyone should visit once in their life.

The Salt Mines were a much cheerier affair.  Opened in the 13th century, the mines are one of Poland's official national historic monuments. Deep underground - 327 metres to be exact - it's so incredible to see it in the flesh. You'll find a chapel, restaurant, gift shop and a playground.

Although I wasn't blown away by Krakow, it was a great place to visit. Thats the problem when a place is so hyped up! There's no end of things to do, the food scene is brilliant and the history is fantastic. I'm not sure I will rush back but it's certainly somewhere I'm very glad to have ticked off my list. 


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