My goals to achieve in 2016

Looking back at 2015 life goals, I haven't really done very well. But I tried so that's the main thing right? Sometimes we can't achieve everything we set out to do in 12 months. So what do I plan on doing in 2016?

1. See even more of the world
I want to carry on with where I left off in 2015. It was such an incredible year for travel. If I'm honest, I think that will always be my number one priority. This year I have booked in Cologne, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest - ticking off four new countries along the way. I'm most excited about four days in Budapest, a city that I've long lusted over. I won't be leaving Europe this year as not having a full time job puts paid to that. But Europe is such a vibrant, colourful and diverse continent that I don't feel like I've drawn the short straw at all.

2. Put more of my passion into this blog
So last year was suppose to be the year that i really make something of this blog. Well it didn't take off like I wanted it too. But I think I'm ok about that. I had some incredible opportunities and worked with some cracking brands last year because of this little space on the internet. This year I only want to put out content that I truly feel passionate about. Even if that means just posting once a week. It's going to be quality over quantity. I'm a little guilty of panicking and publishing something that I'm not quite confident with because I FEEL like I need to get something out there. I'm still going to post a variety of content and concentrate a lot more on the foodie aspect. Father Christmas aka the boyfriend very generously gifted me an Olympus Pen for Christmas so I'm hoping the quality of my photos will improve tenfold.

3. Spend more time with those I've known the longest
I am absolutely terrible at keeping in touch. Send me a text and I'll jump at the chance to meet up but I hardly ever make the first move. It's just because I get so caught up in my everyday life and completely forget to make time. I feel like I'm constantly moving at 100mph. So this year I'm going to make the effort. Be the person who suggests lunch, be the person who goes and stays with an old friend for the weekend and be that person who sends a text out of the blue to let someone know they're thinking of them.

4.  Look after my skin
I've never really had problems with my skin but this year, lord it's been a right old state. Despite spending a fortune on lotions and potions, I tend to use them for a few weeks then get lazy. Sleeping in make up, not cleansing my face and using make up wipes are all sins I've been guilty off this year. So i'm going to try and get back into a routine. Use the clay masks, the sheet masks and the facial oils and get my face under control!

5. Learn to have more self-confidence
This old chestnut eh? This year my confidence in myself seems to have hit rock bottom. It's resulted in lots of comfort eating, not taking care of myself and generally moping around like a big old wallower. So this year I'm going to try and take back a little control. Think of all the good things rather than dwell on the things that make me unhappy. Which in turn will help me become a right sassy chick ready to take on the world and show it exactly what I can offer. I'm fed up of feeling unhappy in myself.

New year, new start right?

Review: Egg Break, Notting Hill, West London

I've been working West for nearly two months and it's a part of town I'm not too familiar with. So when Hannah suggested we meet Lily for dinner in Notting Hill to try a new restaurant on her list, I didn't argue. It was about time I started to explore the area!

Enter Egg Break. Egg Break is a newish venture by Soho House that specialises in eggs. Funny that. It's taking a break for a while but will be back in business in February. Keep an eye out for the re-launch.

First things first. The service was pretty poor. They look an age to take our order despite us three being the only people in the restaurant bar a table of one. Our cocktail order was delivered after our food arrived once we had prompted our waiter. We complained about the service charged added on at the end because we didn't think the meal deserved it. In their defence, they look it off without any complaints but never really apologised for the poor service. Enough of the negativity, did we enjoy the food?

Yes we did. Very much so. Just as well really otherwise it may have been a disaster. I opted for the juicy pork belly, a flavoursome fennel sausage, spicy sriarcha mayo and peppery rocket in a soft, sturdy bun. All topped with a perfectly cooked fried egg. The runny yolk effortlessly melted into the spicy mayo, helping to create a fusion of flavours. For the sides, Hannah and I were greedy little piglets and opted from the creamy avocado topped with sea salt  - how can something so simple be so tasty?! - and crunchy miniature hash browns. I'm still dreaming about those hash browns.

Would I go back? Yes, I'd love to try their breakfast. Sometimes service can be a little hit and miss and hopefully by February they will have nipped this in the bud.


2015 - an outfit round up

Happy 2016 guys! We made it here in one piece.

One of my favourite things to do on the blog is to take a look back at my outfits throughout the year and see how my style has evolved. Once a shopaholic...

Looking back I feel like I hit a bit of a style rut. Despite filling my wardrobe with midi lengths and high necks, I always felt 'young' and with it. But this year I just felt frumpy. I felt self-conscious about covering up and a lot older than 26.

It may have been the fact I've put on weight and feeling generally uncomfortable in the way that I look. My self-confidence seems to have a hit a all time low. That's a blog post for another day. I haven't been able to wear some of my favourite clothes in my wardrobe due to the fact they look too tight or they just don't fit anymore. So I feel like I've made do a lot of the time in my outfit choices this year. 2016 New Year resolution to actually start getting in shape for longer than a month?

But despite all the doom and gloom, I have treated myself to some pretty snazzy clothes this year and felt like a #girlboss at times. 

I've been a bit more adventurous and worn dresses above my knees. Shock horror! I've found that short skater-style dresses are very flattering on my shape. I've learnt again that midi lengths really do look much better with some sort of heel. I've discovered that ankle boots are currently my favourite type of shoes to buy. I've learnt that wearing the exact same outfit again isn't always a bad thing. If it's not broke, then why fix it? I've come to the conclusion that jeans may be the best thing ever invented. Those bad boys can hide a multitude of sins and still look bad ass. My waist is definitely one of my best features so fitted, flared dresses will always been the most flattering. 

What have you discovered about your style in 2015?


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