Why I love travelling to Europe

Paris, France

Up until a couple of years ago I was turning my nose up at travelling around Europe. Sure I still went but that was only because I couldn't afford to venture outside. I was desperate to go further afield and yearned to have that elusive stamp in my passport. So two years ago I booked the trip of a lifetime to New York City and thought I'd finally I'd popped my 'outside Europe' cherry. The world was my limit. I absolutely adored the States - if there's anywhere I should live, it's there. But going to America made me realise just how lucky I was to be based in Europe.

Bodrum, Turkey
Derry, Northern Ireland

Europe is easily accessible yet so culturally diverse. That's what makes travelling around Europe so bloody amazing. My trip to Poland was unbelievably different to my recent holiday in Barcelona. No two countries are ever the same.  We have the ancient Greek ruins in Athens, the beautiful Spanish islands, the rich history of Berlin and gorgeous vineyards of France all in one continent. 

I am so lucky to have such diversity literally on my doorstep aka only a few hours away by plane. If I really wanted too, I could even pop to Rome for the day if the flights were perfectly lined up. Mental! It already amazes me how people frequently just pop on the train to Paris for the day. Once you reach the mainland, you can easily drive through country to country in just a few hours. 

Thanks to budget airlines, it's so cheap. If you book well in advance, you can easily flit between countries for under £100. Crazy when I tried to book train tickets to Wales and it came up at £75. Thank the lord for EasyJet!

After speaking to people from outside of Europe, I've realised just how lucky I am to live on such an incredible continent. I'll never take it for granted again. It's pretty darn special. You're not so bad Europe!

Barcelona, Spain

Right, what country should I add to my must-see list for Europe?

Recipe: Roast Chicken Wraps with Harissa Roasted Veg, Feta and A Mint and Yogurt Dip

I'm always after quick, filling and healthy lunches - especially now I'm at home a lot. It's all so tempting to pick at rubbish food throughout the day. Luckily Alex Hollywood has put together a delicious lunch time recipe with Mission Deli Wraps. I made a slight few tweaks as it's what I already had in the house.

Serves: 2-3 - depending how hungry you are!

Leftover roasted chicken
Selection of roughly 200g of roasted vegetables. I used a leek, mushrooms, an onion and a courgette.
1/2 pack of feta cheese
1 tsp of Harissa paste
I tbsp of olive oil
Some rocket leaves
Half a lemon
175ml of plain Greek yogurt
1 tsp of mint sauce
2-4 Mission Deli Mediterranean Herb Wraps*

1. Whisk the Harissa paste, olive oil and lemon juice in a bowl before coating the vegetables in the sauce. Make sure you season well.

2. Once the vegetables are roasted, spoon a small mixture into the middle of the wrap.

3. Next pop the roast chicken on top and a small handful of rocket leaves. Then crumble the feta before wrapping.

4. Mix the yogurt and mint sauce together, season to taste and use as a dip on the side.

I'd love to know if you decide to make this - make sure you drop me a tweet!

Why it's ok to feel jealous

I'm not talking about jealously so consuming you want to cut up their clothes, key their car and boil their rabbit kinda thing. I'm talking about being a little bit envious. Feeling a little upset that they're having all the good things happen to them in life. It's totally normal to feel like this when you see someone doing well. Totally normal to want what they have.

Because what pushes us in life if it's not wanting to better ourselves? If it's not wanting what other people have? There's nothing like a good bit of healthy competition to give you the kick up the butt to achieve what you're capable of. How would we achieve our dreams if something isn't pushing us? It's human nature to think the grass is greener on the other side. But it's up to you to see if it's true by putting the hard graft in.

I'm going to hold my hands up and say I often get a bit down in the dumps that certain bloggers have all the best campaigns to work, get taken to exotic places, get to do their hobby as their blog and get dressed head to toe in ASOS for free. It's completely normal to think 'why them and not me'. The reason it's not me is because they have worked 10 times harder than me on their blog. They have lots of time to dedicate to their little space on the internet. I can have that too if I really want it - I just need to pull my socks up and push myself to be bigger and better.

Next time you feel green with envy, don't feel like an awful person. You're not. Simply use it fuel yourself to achieve bigger and better things. After all, you're capable of having what they have. Anyone is capable of anything. People who have achieved your dream have just put in the hours to make that dream their reality.

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