Review: Scarlet's, Covent Garden

As soon as I spied an email in my inbox entailed 'Boozy Brunch', I immediately knew I was going to like what it had to say.

Situated on Upper St Martins Lane, Covent Garden this new joint has taken the space left by the old bar Verve. Scarlet’s markets itself as a venue for any time of day. You can visit for brunch like we did or for a bite to eat at lunchtime. If cocktails are more your thing, visit in the evening - I’d recommend the Rum Punch. They even pull the tables back and it become a mini dance floor for you to show off your moves. There’s something for everyone from dusk till dawn!

After being welcomed with delicious peach bellinis, we oohed and ahhed at the incredible shabby chic inspired decor. It was mix-matched at it's finest. Exactly how I would like my house to be! Sitting down, I got to try my very first Bloody Mary. I have to be honest and admit it wasn't really my thing but I gave it a good go! After a long hard look at the menu, I opted for the delicious sounding Eggs Hemingway. Toasted English muffins were topped with lashings of tasty smoked salmon, a soft, perfectly runny poached eggs and two generous drizzle of yummy Hollandaise sauce. Just what I need for breakfast on a Saturday morning!

I got major food envy when I spotted the cream avocado and toast making the rounds. Just look at it! I know what I’ll be having on my next trip. The Egg Florentine also had my belly rumbling! After all that food the alcoholic ice lollies came out. I opted for the amazing Greygoose Vodka and Perrier lolly by Late Night London - what a good choice that was! 

Thanks for such a great Saturday morning Scarlet's!


A Liverpool City Guide

Like I mentioned in my photo diary, we were kindly put up by Travelodge. The Liverpool Central hotel was in a prime location. It was far enough away from the centre of the city to be quiet yet only a 20 minute walk to all the action. It wasn’t too far from the Cavern quarter which is fantastic if you’re a fan of the Fab Four! Our rooms were clean, tidy and spacious enough for two girls getting ready with all their belongings flung over the place. I can’t praise the staff enough. They were kind enough to book us a taxi and let us store our suitcases in reception so we didn’t have to lug them around on the last day. Hospitality at it’s finest!

Seal Street
I was recommended this strip of bars and clubs by a relative who used to live in the city. She said it was a student part of town and mostly free from the notorious stag and hen parties that frequent the city. On a side note- I have never seen so many stag and hens in one place! It’s the perfect place to have a bar crawl - so many locals which always means it’s going to be a corker! There’s bars if you fancy a quiet drink with your partner, a few cocktails with your best friend or clubs for a wild night out dancing before you come staggering home at 5am. We went back to the strip both nights for a night of dancing. 

This part of town looks so beautiful in the sunshine! It’s such a lovely to place to wander around and soak up the city. There’s restaurants, bars, museums, galleries and shops all within this quarter. If you’re a Beatles’ fan, make sure you check out The Beatles Story. Feeling cultural? Check out the Tate art gallery, the International Slavery museum and the Merseyside Maritime Museum. The list is endless!

Someone recommended we sample the breakfast at Moose Coffee so who were we to argue! It turned out that Sarah knew her stuff! We had to queue for 15 minutes but before we knew it we were sitting down and inspecting the menu. My hangover self demanded the biggest thing I could find so I settled on Mano Pollo. The classic Huevos Rancheros was topped with strips of chicken. With a generous helping of fresh sour cream, spicy salsa and grated cheddar cheese, it did just the trick. The service was great and we never felt rushed.

I've already reviewed this burger joint on the blog but it definitely belongs in this city guide. It's right by the university and has a wonderful outside garden if the sun is shining. I opted for the BBQ burger which got a massive thumbs up!

This multiple floored club is one of the best nights out I have had for a very long time. The music is on bang on point. A real mix of old school and modern music with lots of indie, RnB and pop thrown in. They have a fab courtyard - you'll find some right characters! It's open till 4am - if you can handle it!

I never expected to love this as much as I did. I'm not too big a fan of the Beatles but you can't help but get swept up in the history as you wander down the dingy steps. We chilled out with a couple of ciders and watched a fab 1960's cover band and a solo man who did rock covers. Before we knew it we'd be perched on a bench for over two hours and our bellies were rumbling. It's a £2.50 entry fee during the day but it's so worth it.

Do you have any Liverpool institutions to add to the list?


Dealing with set backs

These last few weeks have been extremely tough. I feel like I've had the wind knocked out of my sails and if I'm honest, I'm struggling to get back on my feet. I feel emotionally drained and feeling like a bit of a failure. Last week I was made redundant from my job. The publication had given me the most surreal, hilarious, bizarre and incredible experiences over the last three years. Sometimes I have wanted to pull my hair out in rage but most of the time I have wanted to pinch myself thanks to all the amazing opportunities I was given. I feel so attached to the magazine with it being my first ever job in the crazy journalism world. It was the magazine that helped me achieve my dream.

But then the Tunisian tragedy happened. My parents were in the exact hotel just a week before. They laid on that beach soaking up the rays. I spoke to them via Skype in that lobby. I laughed with a member of staff who gatecrashed one of our Skype calls. My parents came home and raved about what a wonderful place Sousse was and how they had the most fantastic week. They couldn't praise the hotel staff enough. When the information started pouring in over social media, it really hit home just how devastating the situation is. I could have been scrambling to find a flight and heartbreakingly identifying my parents. I could be an orphan - it doesn't bare thinking about. What kind of world do we live in that people think behaviour like this is acceptable? How dare someone take someone's life in such a brutal way? The world is becoming such a a scary place. I can't even begin to imagine the horror those poor people felt when a man opened fired on the beach. Somewhere they were relaxing, forgetting their troubles and completely unaware.

I may have lost my job but I'm still standing. Losing my job isn't the end of the world. It may seem so at the time but something always happens to make you feel incredibly lucky.  I'm still about to give my loved ones a hug before I go to bed. I'm still able to ring them up for a chat. Whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger - certain things are sent to try us. To test our strength. I'm hoping this redundancy means that something better is around the corner. I'm looking forward to finding out what other things I'm capable of. I feel like this could be the chance for me to have a new career.  I'm going to dust myself off and become a warrior and not a worrier. Life's too short.

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