4 Tips For Saving

Saving. The word that nobody likes. There's no two ways about it, saving is bloody hard. Especially when it's a house deposit. But that's a blog post for another day. I don't know about you but I love expensive things - unfortunately I can't afford to blow £800 on a handbag from just one months wages. So until I win the lottery, here are my fool proof tips to help you save and not even realise you're doing it. That Mulberry will be yours in no time!

1. Get a £2 jar.
I cannot sing the praises of a £2 jar highly enough. I was kindly given a ceramic urn for Christmas last year and it said on the tag that a full jar of £2 coins equalled over £1000, Say what? Obviously I got very excited at the thought and began to religiously seek out the coins to fill it up. It's been going over a year now and it's around 3/4 full and I'm going to smash it open soon to treat myself to a brand spanking new MacBook Pro. It become almost like a game as you hunt around for the special coins - I've even asked friends to swap with me as I'm so desperate to fill it up.

2. Empty your purse of change daily.
If you're anything like me, your purse will be brimming with change. At the end of each day I empty everything out of my purse £1 and under into a pot. This is such a great way to help let the pennies build up as you hardly notice it. Just last week I managed to get £16 in change from a few months which is obviously being converted into £2 coins at the bank!

3. Set yourself a weekly budget.
At the end of the month when I get paid again I'm going to withdraw £50 from my account every Monday and that will be my money for the week. I'm hoping it will help me take a serious look at my spending habits and stop any frivolous spending - after all it has to cover all luxuries! My left over wages will be put towards a house deposit and into a holiday fund. 2015 will hopefully be the year I become a saving goddess!

4. Write down everything you buy.
It's so easy to spend money willy nilly - it gets to the end of the month and you wonder yet again how on earth you have just £3.56 left in your bank account. The odd bottle of diet coke, copy of Glamour magazine and a Twix soon add up. If you write every single little thing down in a notebook, you'll soon see where all you cash is going and see what you can cut out.

What are your top tips for saving?

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Snakeskin court shoes: Carvela via TK Maxx (similar)

TK Maxx kill it with their shoe collection every time. It's the first section I go into when I go in the shop. I spotted these gorgeous Carvela snake-effect heels while I was suppose to be doing Christmas shopping. Same old story. I've made a pact to only buy quality shoes as i'm fed up of them falling apart on my feet - Primark may seem a bargain at the time but it's not when you have to buy a new pair the next month. But I can't afford to splash out on expensive shoes that often which is hard when you're a dedicated shoe girl. So when these classic shoes caught my attention in the rack and they were Carvela - a brand I lust over - it was a no brainer. I loved the price of £35 even more. Bargain!

Here are some more gorgeous snakeskin style shoes below.


You don’t need a plan of what you wanna do

Black ribbed turtle neck body: ASOS
Purple floral maxi skirt: ASOS
Gold heeled black sandals: Boohoo
Black furry oversized clutch: Topshop
Velvet cropped jacket: Topshop (similar)
Boyfriend silver watch: Fossil (similar)

I'd had my beady eye on this beauty of a skirt for months but at £75 I needed a good excuse to blow that kinda cash. As luck would have it the ASOS sale gods were shining down on me and it was popped in the sale just before Christmas. I made it mine immediately! It's just so fancy and I adore the gorgeous length - looks very glamorous don't you think? This was my New Years Eve outfit for a meal at our local Indian restaurant. I'm never too much of a fan of NYE as I think it's overrated so this was perfect. Good food and good friends - what more could you want to ring in the first day of a new year?

Can you believe Christmas has been and gone for another yet? I'm in cheese mourning. Luckily we still have plenty of leftovers. But not so lucky for my waistline.


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