5 life goals for 2015

1. Learn a new skill.

Since leaving uni, I've missed learning. I know you learn all the time at work but it's just the same thing. I feel like I need to push myself to do something new and to keep my brain ticking over. This blog is my only hobby apart from spending all my money on ASOS and socialising down the pub. Both things that will need to be cut down on when I start saving for a house. I've got a whole list of things I'm debating which mostly make me sound like an old lady. I want to badger my nan to teach me how to knit, finally figure out how to sew after three years, work out the in and outs of SEO and HTML and take a few lessons in floristry.

2. Invest more time into this blog.

I felt that my blog kinda fell off the radar in 2014 and it didn't really reach it's full potential. This year I really want to improve my content and photography to help give it the shove it needs. I'd like to really pour my heart and soul into my little corner of the internet. It's never going to up there with the big guns but I think it can be pushed a little harder. It's given me so many opportunities so far and I'd like to continue it as it's been a fun four years! I've enjoyed making it more into a lifestyle blog lately and making my posts a little more personal. A massive thanks to everyone who reads it and hopefully you'll all stick around!

3. Learn to budget.

I spend money like nobody's business once I've paid my bills for the month. I actually think I might keep ASOS and Topshop in business. But this year I have to become a bit better. I'm going to withdraw £50 a week and that will have to pay for all my luxuries. Once it's gone, it's gone. I'm hoping it going to help me re-think exactly what I buy and make me appreciate what I have. Wish me luck!

4. See more of the world.

I've well and truly been bitten with the travel bug now and don't really want to spend my money on anything else. I won't be able to go on any big trips like New York this year but I'm going to try my hardest to see a fair bit of Europe - hopefully a trip to America is on the cards in 2016. I've already got a trip booked to Barcelona for a week in August and am hoping to squeeze in Budapest, Newcastle and Amsterdam too. Fingers crossed!

5. Read more books.

As I no longer get the train into work, my reading habits have really slipped. Over the last few months I've hardly ever picked up a book apart from when I have a bath once in a blue moon. I'm going to try and pop my iPad down when I get into bed and squeeze in 30 minutes of reading. It should help my sleeping habits plus it's always enjoyable to lose yourself in a another world eh?

What do you hope to achieve in 2015?

3 perfumes i'm loving

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum
This is my all time favourite perfume - I'd bathe in this if I could afford it! It's just such a classic, signature scent. I save this for special occasions as I simply can't afford to use it every day because it's way out of my budget! It's always on my Christmas/ birthday list. It's a scent that always gets a compliment and has great staying power - a little goes a long way. I just adore the gorgeous rose smell as florals are a definite plus for me in a perfume. Definitely one to pick if you fancy a little bit of luxury in your life!

Marc Jacobs Lola
This was a Christmas present from my parents - they did good! I've been a massive Marc Jacobs fan for years with Daisy as my number one. I've also tried Dot and now this. Again this is a floral scent - sense a theme? I love the base notes of vanilla and the hint of grapefruit. The creamy musk keeps it from smelling too sweet. It seems like MJ has done it again!

Soap and Glory Super Tonic Fragrance Orangeasm
I always keep a cheaper everyday perfume on my shelf as I don't have the dollar to buy expensive ones all the time. Money doesn't grow on trees after all! I picked up this in the Boxing Day sales in a gift set alongside a body butter and body wash. It smells gorgeously refreshing and has a subtle hint of mint. It doesn't last too long but the tonic is a good size to pop in your handbag so you can top up throughout the day. It's going to be the perfect scent when the warmer months hit.

What's your favourite scent at the moment? Any recommendations?


6 things I learnt in 2014

1. Travel is good for the soul.

I've always wanted to see the world and this year I ventured a lot further afield than I have before. I was lucky enough to go to New York, Glastonbury and Bruges alongside various weekends in the UK. New York was absolutely amazing and helped me realise a ten year dream. Next year I'm going to start the dreaded house fund as I dig deep to buy my own house. But I don't want to sacrifice travel so I'm going to have to cut back on a lot of other things. Like they say, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer so I'm willing to stay in a bit more so I can fulfil my wanderlust. It's worth it.

2. Make more times for friends.

The above photo was taken a few days ago at my friends birthday pub trip that obviously eventually got out of hand, like all trips to the pub with these lot do. I stayed at home during Uni and was stuck with the lads as all the girls more or less moved away. I've got a deep affection for this lot and feel very protective over them - next year marks nine years since we all got to know each other at Sixth Form. Luckily one of the girls moved back home so I'm not outnumbered too much! I didn't really make much time for my friends this year as I let my work take priority and spent a lot more time on my new friendships. That night out on 27th made me realise that making time for your old friends is essential as well as nurturing those new friendships. It's also made me think that it's about time the lads got themselves girlfriends!

3. It's ok to go at your pace.

I spent a part of the year having a bit of a meltdown at the prospect of turning 26 without having much to show for it. But it also made me appreciate my career. I've always been a career girl and was desperate to jump on the ladder and went without a lot to get to where I am today. Hand on my heart, it has all been worth it. Everyone is different and people do things at different times. It is neither right or wrong.

4. Material things don't always make you the happiest.

I've always been a lover of things and am slightly proud of the amount of money I can spend in one shopping trip. But this year I came to the realisation that this isn't the root of all happiness. I know right? Buying that new dress might make you feel good on the day but you can't buy the things that make you happy in life. Memories don't have a price tag. Those evenings you laugh about when you're with your friends, those nights in snuggled in front of the telly with your boyfriend and the days you spend with your nan putting the world to rights are the things that leave you with a big smile on your face.

5. I can do anything I put my mind too.

I had a job title change earlier on in the year and made the switch from pictures to editorial. I'll be honest, I was a wreck for about 3 months constantly doubting my abilities and struggling with the huge change at work. But eventually I began to manage my time better and grew more confident in my abilities when I started to pull things off. I'm still learning but I think I'm - well hope! - improving and it's all thanks to my sheer determination not to be a failure. I haven't quite grasped it all yet but I no longer feel like I'm treading water. I feel like I'm getting somewhere. It just goes to show that hard work does pay off even if it takes six months.

6. It's ok to say no
I always have FOMO and say yes to everything. It can be a blessing and a curse. It means that I've done some amazing things but always that I'm constantly exhausted and feel like I'm running at 100mph all the time. I moved offices this year out to Essex from London and it means my commute time is a lot longer - I don't get home till around 7.30-8pm. I've had to say no to a lot of things as I simply can't muster the energy. But you know what, I actually don't mind. It nice to just come straight home after work and jump in my PJs and paint my nails. Rock and roll!

What did you learn in 2014?

Excuse the grainy photos - they're just a few iPhone snaps of my favourite things I've done this year. It's been a good one 2014!

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