This week i'm loving: High waisted bikinis

Orange frill high waisted bikini - Asos
Pinky red gingham high waisted bikini - Asos

As you read this i'll be sunning myself in 28 degree weather on holiday in Turkey. God this holiday was well needed this year! I've taken these two beauties along with me. The orange one I brought last week and the gingham one was a purchase from last year. I think the orange - so much more neon in real life -  one is for posing only as it doesn't feel too secure on! Flashing everyone in the pool is not on my agenda. I absolutely adore this retro style. My boyfriend thinks the bottoms look like a nappy but I love how it all sucks me in and makes me feel much more confident by the pool. My dreaded love handles suddenly vanish! Plus I like to pretend i'm a 50s siren in Cannes. Who doesn't?

Have you given into the high waisted trend?

April empties

001: Boots Extract Cocoa Butter body wash
I've said it before but cocoa butter is my all time favourite smell when it comes to skincare. I'm drawn to it like a moth. As always boots extract didn't disappoint. It lathered up rather nice and left a gorgeous smell on my body. I love dinky size body wasahes like this as they're so handy to take away!

002: Loreal Elvive Full Restore Repairing Shampoo

003: Loreal Elvive Full Restore Repairing Conditioner
I loved this conditioner. I felt it made a real difference to my hair. The conditioner made it so easy to brush when I came out of the shower - quite a feat considering how much I have! A lot seemed to go a long way too, making it great value for money. I think I might purchase the set again after my current set runs out. Maybe try something else in the range.

004: Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin D
This product is my holy grail. I've been using it ever since I had a growth spurt at the age of 12 and got my first stretch marks. You can only imagaine how traumatic that was for a 12 year old! It reduces the redness to silvery line and if you use it religiously you can hardly tell they're there are all! It so lovely and thick so feels luxurious on your skin. If you buy any mosituriser make sure it's this one!

005: Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream
This is never something I would ever go out and buy - at least not at this age - so it was nice to give it a shot when it came in my glossybox. As imagined it made my skin feel so soft but you did have to use a fair bit to get even coverage. I can't imagine it's going to a product that lasts a long time!

006: Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream
I got this little sample in John Lewis on Oxford Street where you can help yourself - genius idea! I suffer with terrible dark circles and am struggling to cover them up. I'm not quite sure if this does the trick as it was such a small pot but it felt so smooth and gentle on my skin. A little went a very long way as you gently pat underneath the eye. I'll be making sure I buy the full version when I get paid.

007: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstruction c/o Aussie
I recieved three of these shachets through Sarah who is an Aussie Angel. It had just the right amount of product for my hair and made a world of difference. My hair had a gorgeous shine the next day. Great news as straightening seems to dull it. Anyone else have this problem?

Have you tried any of these products?

Afternoon tea anyone?

Last week I was very kindly invited for a spot of afternoon (or evening!) tea at the Millennium Knightsbridge Hotel. I was over the moon to be invited as afternoon tea is my favourite thing in the world - doesn't everything taste so much nice in miniatures?! Before we got down to business we were treated a few glasses of pink champange which went down very nicely after a long day at work. Then it was on to a tour of the fabulous hotel! Aisling, Lily, Sarah and I were gobsmacked at the beautiful view over London. You could see for miles! It was certainly a talking point.

We were led to the Tangerine Cafe Bar where we were given the history behind the notion of afternoon tea and the proper etiquette.  It was very hard to not scoff all the treats in one go given our rumbling tummies! Millennium have tried to put a twist on the event with three types of mini scones available. We were given a selection of chocolate, savoury or raisin scones. The first one was my favourite - I may have had three... I was really impressed with the chocolate cup especially as everything was edible! At £17.50 for two people, it really is quite the bargain as it's amazing value for money.

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