Hanging on the telephone

Black sheer blouse with heart cut outs: Primark
Black skinny brocade trousers: Primark
Black and white tweed coat: Next
Black and white spotted pony skin loafers: Next
Black cameo brooch: Bootsale
Statement large gold flower earrings: Topshop
Kate Spade eyelash iphone cover: c/o Three Mobile
Pink pout: Topshop All About Me - Dream Team birthday present :)

When the lovely people in charge of the PR at Three mobile asked me I wanted to review a case for my iPhone, I jumped at the chance. I am quite literally one of the clumiest people around so a case is on the agenda if I want to keep my phone intact. I picked this one as I thought it was a little fun and as we use our phones everyday we might as well make a statement eh? Lots of people seem to coomment on this one. It feels so solid which is very handy if you drop your phone after a few too many glasses of wine. Moi? Never!

This is my favourite outfit at the minute. Probably because I brought these trousers last year and can now fit in them. Thank you Weightwatchers! It's pretty simple but I think the shoes kinda make it. I like shoes that are a little different - who wants to wear black pumps all the time?!

I'd like to say a massive thank you to Lauren for sending me this - it arrived the very next day and I was extremely impressed.

Do you like to switch up your phone cases too?

Thrifty Finds #5

The charity shop gods have been my friend recently. I've been finding lots of lovely junk!

001. I absolutely love glass jelly moulds. Admittedly I don't really like jelly that much but they look pretty snazzy on display. The words of a true hoarder right?! This one was only a £1 and was calling my name.

002. This was the find I was most excited about! I dream of finding the perfect dressing table set. Alas there was only the mirror available but the pattern is so pretty. It's a great size and looks beautiful on my shelf!

003. A little treasure my mum picked up for me. She started to turn in me, unable to walk away from a charity shop if she sees on on her travels. I don't think this is vintage but it'll be a lovely addition should I ever entertain guests around breakfast time.

004. This cute sugar bowl and milk jug set caught the eye of my mother and she brought it home for me. It's going in the wedding collection if I ever should get married. I'd love to have afternoon tea instead of a three course meal and am also keeping my beady eye out for teacups and saucers.

005: I'm addicted to finding these little men now - it's the first thing I look out for when i'm hunting around charity shops. I think he's by far the cutest one I own. He was a little expensive at £4 but I think he was worth splashing out for. The red cabbage fellow is next on my list!  I can't wait for the bootsales to start up again.

Have you had any luck in the charity shops recently?

Eating out on Weightwatchers

If you're anything like me eating out will be the highlight of your week. If I had the money - and didn't mind getting to 30 stone - i'd eat out every night. Many people dread being asked out for dinner as they feel it's hard to be in control of their food if in a restaurant. Don't fear as you'll still be able to enjoy a meal with friends if you're on weightwatchers by following a few simple tips.

001. Stick to diet soft drinks. Wine might be a perfect choice to drink alongside any meal but it's not very kind to your head the next day. I always have diet coke if i'm out for dinner during the week as it still feels like you're treating yourself and it's only 0 propoints. You might as well use the propoints you'll waste on wine to feed your hungry belly in my opinion.

002. Never go out for dinner absolutely starving if you can help it. This will cause  you to over order. Half the time you won't actually need all the food you order but if you're anything like me  you'll eat EVERYTHING. I  hate wasting food when i'm out for dinner - someone say squeaky bum - so i'll scoff everything down until I feel sick. Not the best thing if you're trying to lose weight.

003. This book can be a god send. While it doesn't have every single food establishment listed it gives it a good shot. Have a little flick through it and plan what you're going to eat so you can leave enough points to cover it. Nothing worse than coming home and realising you've eaten a 28 propoint dinner by accident....

004. Use your common sense when ordering. Tomato based sauces tend to be so much better than creamy ones. Cheese although it likes to lure you in is actually the devil when it comes to weight loss. If you desperately want a dessert, why not ask your dining partner if they want to go halves.

005. Finally get your backside moving. Build up your activity points the day before your meal so you can order a starter without feeling guilty. Sometimes life's too short to not throw caution to the wind.

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